Gov. Ron DeSantis Proves Conservatives Can Beat LGBT-Obsessed Left

Tuesday’s Florida state Senate vote approved a parents rights bill. The media-misunderstood piece of legislation will prohibit primary school teachers in Florida from discussing sexual orientation with their students in pre-K through third grades. 

Senate passage of the Parental Rights in Education bill by a vote of 21-17 marks a milestone in parents’ efforts across the nation to fight back against the radical left in the classroom. This legislation is also a model for other states that can be used to push back against the woke tides. 

The legislation was approved by the Florida House of Representatives, 69-47. It now goes on to Gov. Ron DeSantis will sign it.

Opposition to the Parental Rights in Education bill has been fierce, with many on the left attempting to reframe the law as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The left has been trying for years to indoctrinate LGBT ideology children in public schools. Conservatives are now making it worse.

To be clear, the Florida legislation is not an “anti-gay” bill. It is instead a bill aimed at protecting children—and preventing educators with an agenda from infecting young kids with radical ideology. 

DeSantis is a Republican who has stated the same. During a Monday press conference, the governor spoke with a local reporter and reiterated that the legislation was intended to protect children and that corporate media was lying about what they would do.

DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw went one step further and argued that the bill, which takes effect July 1, was more of an “anti-grooming” measure.

They’re both correct, of course. 

Americans are only now realizing how tightly the radical left controls the education system and the dire consequences that can result from this control. 

Eighth graders in Howard County, Maryland were subject to a video of an eighth-grade English class featuring a biological girl who identifies herself as a man discussing transgender issues. The video starts with discussion about genital surgery, sex and public toilets, before it devolves into a screed on transgenderism in general. 

You can also think about the two California teachers that helped a 12-year-old girl make a gender transition without her parents knowing. The teachers were called Child Protective Services by her parents when they discovered what was happening and tried to stop the process.

Parents and states must be empowered to counter the left’s complete and utter control of the education system. Parents should be empowered by states, and that should be celebrated.

For his aggressive efforts to fight against transgender ideology, DeSantis and the Florida Republicans are to be commended. It’s not a given that lawmakers—whether local, state, or national—will take a stand and fight the left. 

Last year, South Dakota Governor. Kristi Noem, a Republican, failed to stand up for biological reality when she vetoed a bill to ban biological males from participating in girls and women’s sports. Noem’s actions empowered the radical left, which viewed her refusal to ban men from ruining women’s sports as a jab in the arm toward its warped worldview. 

Although Noem since has backtracked and signed South Dakota lawmakers’ Fairness in Women’s Sports bill last month, it came on the heels of DeSantis’ signing an identically named bill last June.

DeSantis and his team understand deeply that the radical left won’t stop and doesn’t care about parental concerns about the negative effects of its agenda on children. The left, alongside allies in the corporate media, will continue to lie about conservative efforts to counter its propaganda war in America’s classrooms. 

That’s why it’s so important for DeSantis and his fellow conservatives in state legislatures and governor’s mansions to fight back actively. Because conservatives can win, as the Florida bill has proven. 

DeSantis’ achievement in Florida should cause a cascade of similar legislation across the country. Americans who are concerned about leftist doctrine should take action against those who seek to harm children. 

There’s a long road ahead. DeSantis and his team along with GOP state legislators can be credited for making a significant first step.  

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