GOP Senators Disparage Marriage Equality Bill, Call It a “Stupid Waste of Time”

Republican lawmakers preparing themselves for a likely vote on a marriage equality bill in the Senate are expressing their reluctance, with some even disparaging the measure as unnecessary and a “stupid waste of time” — and doing so in front of their LGBTQ colleagues.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R.Wisconsin), who is up to reelection this election and is This is the subject of many controversies?, he will likely vote in favor of the billIt will be up for a vote when it does, but he was not hesitant to vote.

The Respect for Marriage Act was created by conservative justices of the Supreme Court. It ended abortion rights last month, which had been recognized ever since the 1973 decision. Roe v. Wade. They did so by arguing that the precedent discussed in the case — Privacy is a constitutional penumbric right — was not explicitly written into the Constitution.

This is the idea could overturn any number of Supreme Court rulings from the past 60 years — including the right to contraception and birth control, the right to have consensual adult relationships without state interference, and indeed, the right of same-sex couples to marry, which was recognized in the 2015 decision on Obergefell v. Hodges.

Johnson dismissed these concerns in his comments on the Respect for Marriage Act, this week.

“Unlike Roe v. WadeI do not see any scenario where the Supreme Court could overturn. Obergefell,” he claimed. “The Respect for Marriage Act is another example of Democrats creating a state of fear over an issue in order to further divide Americans for their political benefit.”

In his concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas stated, however, that cases like Obergefell Should be reexamined, countering Johnson’s claims that the issue of same-sex marriage is settled.

Johnson wasn’t the only Republican lawmaker grumbling about the bill, as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) was also caught mocking the idea of a vote to codify marriage equality. Rubio complained that, to him. the bill was a “stupid waste of time.”

Rubio’s comments were heard by Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin), who is not only the lead sponsor of the Respect for Marriage ActAlso, the first open LGBTQ individual to be elected to the Senate. Baldwin recounted the story on Thursday CNN Rubio was the one she encountered while riding on the elevator with her.

“You probably would have loved to be on the elevator to see the exchange after,” she said.

Baldwin also tried to explain to her Republican colleague why the bill wasn’t a “waste of time.”

“I said that, ‘The recent Supreme Court decision eroded a constitutional right to privacy. There’s a whole bunch of cases that have been decided based on a constitutional right to privacy that are in jeopardy,’ which he disagrees with,” Baldwin said, adding that she told him “we’ll be talking some more.”

Baldwin didn’t elaborate on Rubio’s response to Baldwin.

Like Johnson, Rubio is also up for reelection in this year’s midterm elections.

The Respect for Marriage Act would eliminate the Defense of Marriage Act.A homophobic law was passed in the mid-1990s. It stated that the federal government would not accept state-sanctioned same sex marriages. It allows states to define marriage as between one man or one woman, and it also allows them not to recognize same-sex marriages that have been legalized in other states. The Respect for Marriage Act would require states that have bigoted laws regarding marriage to recognize same-sex couples from other states in addition to repealing DOMA.