Giuliani, Trump Campaign Coordinated Fake Electors Scheme to Overturn Election

New reporting has revealed that the scheme to use fake electors to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College vote on January 6, 2021, was coordinated by members of former President Donald Trump’s campaign team, including Rudy Giuliani, who was his personal lawyer at the time.

Giuliani, along with other campaign associates, coordinated the plan at a state by state level. sources told CNN. Trump’s campaign was directly involved with finding Trump loyalists to join the plan in seven US states. They also made sure that fake electors had rooms in statehouses where they could conduct their unofficial business.

The fake electors’ documents – which were forged but purported to be official – were sent to the National Archives.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was required to participate in the second part of this plan. He oversaw the certification process for the Electoral College. In order for the plan to come to fruition, Pence had to either accept the fraudulent electors’ votes as real, or say that he couldn’t count any of the votes out of supposed confusion over which were actually legitimate. Pence refused to join the plan despite his campaign to get him to.

Giuliani emailed letters from Republican state legislators across the U.S. to Pence while the fake electors scheme was in progress. urging him to accept the false documents as legitimate. The former vice president’s legal team reportedly reviewed the requests but were unswayed, noting that there wasn’t a legal basis for accepting the illegitimate votes.

The scheme to present fake electors with their forged papers as legitimate may become a new focusThe House select committee that investigated the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building, January 6, 2021. Some members of this commission expressed an interest in learning whether Trump was involved with the scheme together with his campaign staff.

However Trump vocally supported overturning the 2020 electionIn the weeks that followed the announcement of the winner, it was unclear how far the former president was involved the fake electoral scheme.

In the next few days, the committee is expected to receive hundreds more documents from National Archives. The Supreme Court recently rejected a last-ditch appealTrump to keep his presidential records from the January 6, commission. It’s possible that these documents will reveal more information about the extent of Trump’s involvement in his campaign team’s plan.

“We want to look at the fraudulent activity that was contained in the preparation of these fake Electoral College certificates,” committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) said. “And then we want to look to see to what extent this was part of a comprehensive plan to overthrow the 2020 election.”