Former NFL Star Zac Stacy Caught On Camera Violently Attacking Ex-Girlfriend In Front Of Their Young Son

Ex-NFL Star Zac Stacy Was Captured Violently Attacking His Girlfriend in Front Of Their Young Son

Zac Stacy‘s abusive nature has recently come to light on account of a chilling video.

Yesterday (Wednesday, Nov. 17th), a Very disturbing video of Zac Stacy and his ex-girlfriend–who welcomed their child earlier this year–began circulating the internet. The incident is said to have occurred on Saturday, November 13th. The troubling video proves this. Zac Stacy His ex-wife attacked him in front of their 5-month old son.

The video opens with Zac Stacy approaching the woman as she shields herself on the couch–right next to their infant. The former NFL star, aged 30, grabs her violently and throws it onto her. The woman begs Zac Stacy to stop, though he continues attacking her–at one point stomping his feet near her head.  He then stands over her, and asks:

“You thought that was okay? It ain’t gonna ruin relationships? Talking about I’m destructive?”

He then attacks her and calls her a “scumbag”. “f**king b***h.”The 5-month-old baby looks on as they go through the whole ordeal.

The chilling attack is shown from a second angle. You can watch the disturbing video hereHowever, discretion is advised for viewers.

The victim reportedly called 9-1-1 shortly after being attacked. Zac Stacy He fled the scene. She filed a restraining orders against him in writing on behalf of herself and their child.