For Midterms, House Republicans Preview 4-Part ‘Commitment to America’

House Republicans are ready to release a plan with their top priorities for the country, just two months before the midterm congressional elections.  

The “Commitment to America” is a four-part plan that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., will formally unveil in Pittsburgh on Sept. 19, Axios first reported.  

“The American people expect their political leaders to have a plan, and I’m grateful [Minority] Leader Kevin McCarthy is putting forward the Commitment to America,” Kevin Roberts, president of The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal in an email Wednesday. (The Heritage Foundation’s news outlet, The Daily Signal.)

“There’s no better time than now to inspire voters with a bold vision, but it also requires a commitment to taking action once elected,” Roberts said. “Too often, politicians run on promises they fail to keep. We’re tired of the empty rhetoric and won’t settle for half-measures that fail to confront the great challenges facing America.”

McCarthy states that Republicans are committed:  

1. An Economy That’s Strong 

Fighting inflation and lowering the cost of living is central to Republicans’ plan to strengthen the economy, according to a fact sheetMcCarthy released the following.  

Republicans are confident that they will achieve the economic growth America needs.  

  • “Put an end to ‘Build Back Better,’ and eliminate wasteful government spending that’s driving inflation.” 
  • “Continue proven pro-growth tax policies that increase take-home pay, reduce the cost of living, boost local businesses, and encourage innovation.” 
  • “Reconnect workers to jobs and end incentives that enable individuals to earn more by staying home, rather than going to work.” 

McCarthy and his colleagues on the right plan to lower gas prices and achieve American energy independence, putting an end to the “Biden administration’s anti-energy policies.” By increasing production of American-made energy, Republicans will seek to reduce America’s reliance on foreign energy from countries such as China and Russia.  

Improvements to America’s electrical grid will also help to prevent blackouts, the plan says. 

Additionally, by improving America’s supply chain, the country will face fewer shortages of items such as baby formula, and be less dependent on China, according to the [GOP] plan.  

2. A Nation That’s Safe 

A safe nation begins with a secure border, according to the “Commitment to America” plan.  

The Republicans’ planTo stop illegal immigrants from flooding the southern border, strategies include:  

  • “Combat illegal immigration by requiring proof of legal status when applying for a job and restricting welfare benefits that incentivize illegal immigration.” 
  • “Confront the national security crisis at the border by ending catch and release, allowing [the Department of Homeland Security] to detain those who illegally enter our country while their immigration cases are pending.” 
  • “Require Remain in Mexico and allow Title 42 authority to be used to confront the public health emergency created by the fentanyl crisis.” 
  • “Finish building the wall, fully fund [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and Border Patrol, and deploy technology to stop the humanitarian crisis at the border.” 

In order to reduce crime and stop the flow of fentanyl into America, Republicans plan to increase support for law enforcement and provide law enforcement with the resources needed to “prevent drug cartels from flooding our communities with illicit drugs.”  

Republicans also say they will “place a hold on federal funds for local prosecutors and woke district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes.”  

National security is a priority, Republicans say, arguing that “President [Joe] Biden has managed our security through weakness and incompetence.” 

Through investing in the military, addressing the “catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal,” opposing the Chinese Communist Party, standing with Israel, and opposing terrorism, Republicans plan to solidify America’s national security.  

3. A Future That’s Free 

The House Republicans’ plan to secure the future of America centers on providing opportunities for children and ensuring parents have a voice in their kids’ education.  

The GOP plans to ensure that parents know what their children are learning in school, protect girls and women’s athletics from males who claim to be female, and expand school choice options for students across the country.  

Republicans also plan to fight back against Democrats’ “one-size-fits-all government approach” to health care by creating more personalized health care options for Americans, increasing transparency and competition within the health care system, and expanding health care access.  

Big Tech companies are also a critical part of the conversation regarding America’s future, the Republican plan says.  

The “Commitment to America” plan would hold Big Tech companies accountable with a pledge to:  

  • “Scrap Section 230 for the largest tech companies and start over with rules that promote free speech.” 
  • “Provide greater privacy and data security protections for Americans.” 
  • “Target anti-competitive behaviors with strengthened antitrust review and enforcement.” 
  • “Equip parents with the tools necessary to keep their kids safe online.” 

4. A Government That’s Accountable 

According to the GOP’s plan that congressional oversight is lacking in Washington, but it will seek to restore government accountability.  

Republicans claim they will hold Biden’s administration responsible through:  

  • “Use all tools at our disposal to pursue the truth, root out corruption and abuse of power, and provide transparency to the American people on the issues that matter most.” 
  • “Reassert Article I priorities with increased staffing of committee counsels.” 
  • “Demand the Administration answer to the American people for their mismanagement of our country.” 

Republicans’ plan also includes a commitment to preserve Americans’ constitutional freedoms.  

Top of mind for Republicans, according to their plan, is the need to protect Americans’ right to free speech, freedom of religion, and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  

Republicans say they are committed to defending the unborn and protecting the “Supreme Court justices and pro-life organizations targeted by destruction and violence.”  

Finally, Republicans plan to hold the government accountable by resting faith in America’s elections.  

Republicans will work to end proxy voting by members of Congress, ensure secure elections using mechanisms like voter ID, and stop Americans from voting.  

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