Famous Restaurant Being Sued for Millions Over ‘Fake’ Product

A famous restaurant is being sued by millions of dollars for their fraudulent potato skins. TGI Friday’s is in hot water.

A Bronx woman is suing the brand. Manhattan has brought the case forward.

“A snacking stickler is suing TGI Fridays, claiming the restaurant chain’s potato skin snacks — bags of which are sold in stores and vending machines across the country — aren’t actually potato skins at all. Just a mishmash of ‘potato flakes’ or ‘potato starch,'” reported Fox News. 

Troncoso said she wouldn’t have bought the skins had she known they weren’t made from real potato skins. The bag cost $1.99.

“Troncoso alleges that the company is trying to cash in on the fact that most snackers see potato skins, which TGI Fridays offers as an appetizer in its eateries, as a nutritious option compared with standard convenience-store fare,” according to Fox News.

TGI Fridays has not yet responded to inquiries about the lawsuit. Many were shocked that the lawsuit was filed for millions of dollars, as the unsatisfied customer had spent less than $2.00