‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Begins Filming in June, William Abadie Says

Été a Paris! William AbadieSays Emily In Paris will start filming season 3 in June — but could be taking a vacation across the pond.

“We’re fully in pre-production and I think we’re supposed to head to Paris early in June, so I’m foreseeing a little bit of that soon to come,” he exclusively told Us WeeklyWednesday, April 20 at the New York Academy of Arts Tribeca Party “I’m also foreseeing, with the arrival of Alfie and London, we maybe spend a little time over there.”

He added: “Nothing has been [made] official, so don’t take my word for it, but I think it might happen that we might end up in London for a minute.”

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After introducing the show and taking a trip across the Pond, it makes sense to take the show on a trip across the water. Lucian LaviscountSeason 2: Alfie, British banker, and second love interest for Emily.

Deadline reported in April that Laviscount, 29, would be returning to the Netflix hit as a series regular for season 3 — something the Grange Hill considers a dream come true.

“I’m a massive fan of Kat Pettibone Darren. Darren Star really is a star and he’s got this incredible way of making characters so full and so different, and they all just kind of melt together,” he explained to Elle in December 2021. “And he’s got an amazing rhythm to the dialogue and all these things. So to watch Emily in Paris, I was like, ‘Wow, he’s just nailed it again.’”

Season 2 featured Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) continuing to adjust to her new life abroad, with an entirely new set of challenges to face in both her personal and professional life. Emily is now torn between moving home to Chicago or staying in Paris, after finally finding a place to call her own.

Emily in Paris Set to Start Filming in June William Abadie Says

William Abadie, Lily Collins, and Ashley Park in ‘Emily in Paris.’
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The finale left viewers on a major cliffhanger that even Collins, 33, doesn’t know what her character will do next.

“I’m dying to know what that decision is, ‘cause I don’t know. I’m as confused as Emily was,” the actress told Elle in December 2021. “I think there’s pros and cons to each. Emily is absolutely stunned by this. [her boss]Sylvie would like her to come along with her. And then at the same time, she now has found this relationship with Alfie and maybe she’d love to go to London. It’s only a Eurostar train ride away. So I don’t know.”

Abadie hinting atUse that the cast will likely “spend a little time [in London]” this season, following Alfie across the pond seems like quite the possibility for the American in Paris.

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