Emily Blunt’s First Red Carpet Featured Controversial Trend

Emily Blunt is consistently one of the best-dressed women on any red carpet she walks, so it’s surprising to see that her first time on the iconic carpet was a bit of a dud. To be fair, Blunt was still in the early stages of her career and definitely didn’t have access to her current closet of designer and couture gowns. Still, we’re happy that she hasn’t tried to revive this particular trend that took off in the mid-’00s.

Emily Blunt’s Hottest Red Carpet Looks

As half of one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, it’s no wonder that Emily Blunt turns heads whenever she walks the red carpet. Her husband, A Quiet Place star John Krasinski, might be part of the reason for those stares, but they’re mostly due to Blunt’s spot-on styling.

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Even though she is handsome The Office star hubby isn’t with her, it’s hard to peel our eyes away from Blunt. This Pucci halter-neck dress certainly doesn’t help our little problem. The bodice fits perfectly on Blunt’s figure before flaring out near her knees in a glamorous look that screams old Hollywood. 

Blunt dazzles in a Halter-Neck

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Blunt’s halter-style dresses look great in this next ensemble. This Alexander McQueen orange gown shows off her shoulders to great effect. Blunt keeps her hair down in a low bun and focuses on her beautiful face and equally stunning dress. 

Blunt’s Earliest Red Carpet Looks


Blunt was a vision of grace and elegance for the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2012. Two years prior, Blunt was a completely different figure on the red-carpet for the premiere of the comedy. Gulliver’s TravelsJack Black stars in “The, Blunt chose a simple one-shoulder dress with an aqua-colored, unasymmetrical top and a beige skirt to match the relaxed atmosphere. This was the first sign that Blunt could rock avant-garde fashions. She did it at a comedy film premier. This is a truly iconic image. 


We were unable to find the designer responsible for this delectable, wine-colored dress Blunt wore to the Hollywood Life Magazine’s Breakthrough of the Year Awards in 2006, but we’d dearly love to find out. Blunt looks cool, composed and so sexy in the dress that hits just above her knees. It would have been great if she could have gotten her hands on this gorgeous frock for her first event on the red carpet. 

Blunt’s Weakest Fashion Statement

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 10: Actress Emily Blunt attends the opening night of the Sydney Film Festival at the State Theatre on June 10, 2005, in Sydney, Australia. Her first film “My Summer of Love” by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski opens the festival. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

We love the color of this gown, especially for the way it contrasts with Blunt’s dark, brunette hair. We love that she paired the bright-yellow dress with green heels. We love it! don’tThe wrinkles on this gown are a sign of love. It’s not as if Blunt had just rolled out of bed; the wrinkles are clearly a feature, not a bug. Still, we’re glad this trend of crinkled, wrinkly fabric on dresses is part of the past. Hopefully, those kids over on TikTok won’t try to bring this dud of a look back.

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