Ellen DeGeneres Keeping Portia De Rossi From Joining ‘Ally McBeal’ Reboot With Calista Flockhart?

It is Ellen DeGeneresHolding Portia de RossiWhat if she decides to make a comeback to acting? According to one tabloid, DeGeneres doesn’t want her wife to be a part of Calista Flockhart’s Ally McBealRevitalization Gossip Cop investigates the narrative further to see what’s really going on. 

Is Ellen DeGeneres Holding Portia De Rossi Back?

According to A New Idea, Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t want her wife, Portia de Rossi, to make a return to acting. According to the tabloid, Calista Flockhart desperately wants an interview. Ally McBealThere is a revival. However, the project has gained minimal interest because de Rossi hasn’t committed to it yet. “Everyone else is on board. The only person holding things up is Portia,” an insider says. 

Portia de Rossi declared in 2018 that she was quitting acting permanently. But, there’s optimism she’d make a return to revive the hit legal show. Apparently, it’s DeGeneres who’s holding de Rossi back, the magazine alleges. Because de Rossi and DeGeneres keep dragging their feet, Flockhart’s growing irritated. “Portia’s ‘team’ have had the pitch since April…Calista’s had enough,” the insider reveals. The insider ends by saying Flockhart “wants to get things moving and is willing to beg Ellen to let Portia do this.” 

Why Is Ellen DeGeneres Stopping Portia De Rossi From Acting? 

A New Idea has so many holes in this story that it’s hard to decide where to start. First, there’s been zero confirmation regarding an Ally McBealReboot. It seems like the outlet just wanted to tell a story. Despite the fact that there are rumors about the show’s revival in March, there hasn’t been any other news since, so it doesn’t look like it’s happening. 

Also, Portia de Rossi put an end to her acting career herself after the latest season of Arrested Development, and there hasn’t been any talk that she’s looking to get back into the game. DeGeneres wouldn’t stop her from returning if she wanted to. There’s really no reason why DeGeneres would hold her wife back from pursuing a project. Finally, Flockhart hasn’t been involved in too many projects lately either, so who’s to say she’s “determined to get an Ally McBeal revival” off the ground?

Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Rumors

This wasn’t the first time Gossip Cop has had to debunk a tabloid’s narrative about DeGeneres and de Rossi. The Earlier this year, National EnquirerDeGeneres claimed that she wanted to have children to save her marriage and career. After using de Rossi as a “personal punching bag,” the outlet said DeGeneres was convinced that “a child will bring them closer together again.” The story was utterly false, as a rep for The Ellen DeGeneres ShowTelled Gossip Cop it shouldn’t be taken seriously. We don’t think this latest story should be either.