DoorDash driver saves unconscious customer’s life while delivering pizza: ‘She’s my guardian angel’

A DoorDash driver in Massachusetts saved a customer’s life during one of her delivery stops on February 11.

That night, Caryn Hebert Sullivan and her husband, Robert Sullivan, had just returned to their home on West Island, Fairhaven, and ordered a pizza from Papa Gino’s.

Sophia Furtado, almost at the end her shift, delivered the order. When she reached the house at 10 p.m., Caryn was unconscious and bleeding from her head.


Caryn, a woman with a bad knee and a previous injury to her arm, was waiting outside for the pizza. She remembered her knee and arm giving out when she turned. She fell and landed on her head.

She believed her life was over.

“I just remember laying on my driveway thinking ‘This is pretty much over,’” she said. “I was laying there and saw a lot of white clouds.”

Caryn Hebert Sullivan

Fortunately, her DoorDash driver was well-versed in medical knowledge thanks to her previous training as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Sophia noticed that Caryn’s blood was congealing and estimated that she had been lying there unconscious for about 15 to 20 minutes.

She said Caryn was “unresponsive,” and her “eyes kept rolling to the back of her head.” Sophia feared her customer wasn’t going to make it.

Robert, who had fallen asleep while waiting for their food, awoke to Sophia’s calls for help. The delivery driver told him to get some supplies while Sophia dialed 911.

The DoorDasher wrapped Caryn with a blanket while she was speaking to a dispatcher and applied light pressure to her wounds using a towel. Even after paramedics and officers arrived, she refused to leave the scene.

Sophia Furtado receiving her award from the Fairhaven Police Department

“At that moment, Sophia became a part of our team to aid Caryn.” Officer Jillian Jodoin of the Fairhaven Police Department told CNN. “I asked her if it was possible for her to keep stabilizing Caryn’s neck to keep her spine safe, her answer was, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’”

Sophia stayed with Caryn jusqu’à the time that Caryn was brought to the hospital.

Caryn was admitted to the hospital for three days following the incident. She had been suffering from two brain bleedings and required emergency surgery.

Caryn returned home in March, but she couldn’t drive, write, and struggled to walk. Even after being deemed fully recovered by the end of March, Caryn said she’s still working on some things.

Unfortunately, she lost 60% her hearing. However, she can now drive short distances.

Caryn Hebert Sullivan speaking during Sophia Furtado's awarding

After the traumatic experience, Sophia and Caryn became friends.

“I am so thankful for her, she’s my guardian angel,” Caryn said. “Thank God she was there, if she wasn’t there, I’d be dead.”

The pair have met each other’s families, and Caryn even gave Sophia’s two kids Easter gifts.

Sophia was honored for her heroic efforts during a recent ceremony. DoorDash also granted her a $1,000 educational grant.

Fairhaven Police presented Sophia with a lifesaving award.

“What Sophia did that night is not something anyone would just do. We’ve all been in this field for long enough to have seen people run away, run away or drive away. Or just look. She saved a life,” Officer Jodoin said.

Sophia Furtado and Caryn Hebert Sullivan with their families

“I was not expecting it at all,” Sophia said of the recognition. “I would’ve done that for anyone.”

A local emergency training school gave Sophia a discount for its EMT-Basic Course so she wouldn’t have to pay anything if she wanted to enroll.

Sophia was previously a DoorDash delivery driver. She retook this job in January. Sophia hoped to use the extra cash she would make for EMT school.

The new friends stated that they intend to keep in touch and meet again.

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