Democrats Are Losing Grip on 2 Key Demographics, Winsome Sears Says

Winsome Sears (the Republican lieutenant governor elect of Virginia) told The New York Times that Democrats face losing black and immigrant votes.

As an immigrant from Jamaica, and the first black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia, Sears told The New York Times she was the perfect person to kickstart her demographic’s political realignment in America.

“The message is important,” Sears told the outlet. “But the messenger is equally important.”

“The only way to change things is to win elections,” she said. “And who better to help make that change but me? I look like the strategy.”

Sears, who won alongside Glenn Youngkin, Republican Virginia Governor-elect, gives credit to her own. identification as a conservative to listening to debates over abortion and welfare during the 1988 presidential election, the newspaper reported. In 2001, she ran in a majority black district for the House of Delegates and won a seat that had been held for 20 years by a Democrat.

According to the paper, Sears claimed that Republicans have never attempted to end the historical relationship between black voters, the Democratic Party, and that is why she decided to run as lieutenant governor.

“I just took a look at the field, and said, ‘My God, we’re gonna lose again,’” Sears said. “Nobody was going to reach out to the various communities that needed to be heard from: women, immigrants, you know, Latinos, Asians, Blacks, etc.”

Jennifer McClellan was a former governor and campaigned for the Democratic nomination. Terry McAuliffe, agreed that her peers should not take black voters for granted, but said it was wrong to assume they supported Sears’ conservative ideology.

“The vast majority of black voters disagree with her on abortion, on school choice, on guns,” McClellan told The New York Times. “Those aren’t necessarily the issues driving black voters anyway. It’s the economy. It’s health care. It’s broader access to education.”

John Fredericks, a conservative radio host, agreed that Sears’ principles might have risked her chances of victory had her campaign actually raised enough money to broadcast her politics, the newspaper reported. He called her general election campaign “a train wreck from start to finish.”

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