‘Dazed and Confused’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Alright, alright, alright! It’s been decades since Dazed and ConfusedAlthough the film was not seen on the big screen, the film is still loved by many.

Directed and directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Richard LinklaterThe 1993 film follows a group Texas high-school students on their final day of school in 1976. The film covered everything from freshman hazing to teenage romance and captured the spirit and sentiments of the time.

Though the film made very little money when it premiered, it’s now often cited as one of the best movies about teenage life ever made. In June 2019, Linklater said that he loves finding out that people who weren’t alive in the 1970s — or the 1990s — love the film.

“I don’t think it’s my best movie, but it represents a rite of passage for the ‘busters,’ the end of the baby-boom generation,” the BoyhoodDirector wrote an essay The Guardian. “I also enjoy people who weren’t even born then liking the film. It tells you there’s something about teenagedom that never changes.”

The film also boasts one of the most impressive ensemble casts ever, with some of its stars — Ben Affleck, for example — eventually climbing to the top of Hollywood’s A-list.

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