DaBaby Reflects On Frequently Wetting The Bed As A Child: My Mama Said ‘F*ck That’ & Left The Plastic On The Mattress


DaBaby Reflects On Frequently Wetting The Bed As A Child: My Mama Said ‘F*ck That’ & Left The Plastic On The Mattress

DaBabyHe is sharing details about his childhood and an issue that he had to overcome while spending time with his daughter. 

Rapper DaBabyJonathan Kirk, the entertainer, posted a video to Instagram recently revealing to his fans that he used tamper with his bed when younger. The 29-year old entertainer is trying to comfort his daughter, who seems upset about the fact that she slept on her bed wet. He also reflects on his bed-wetting experiences. DaBaby says, 

“My baby be thinking she in so much trouble when she piss in the bed like, she be so disappointed in herself. It just irritates me. It gives me flashbacks. [does] she know, I used to piss in the bed like a motherf*cker.”

He continued,

“Ask my brother, Imma tag my brother right here. Ask my brother. You know, we used to have to share one bed. My head is like yours. [the other] way. I used piss on. [my brother]About four times per week. If I’m lying, I’m flying.”


After sharing his childhood tale, DaBabyHe speaks to his daughter, who can often be heard crying on the other side of the screen. He says, 

“It’s okay baby! It’s okay mama.” 

The ‘BOP’ rapper captioned his storytelling post, 

“Don’t trip boo, you got dat from ME [face palm emoji]Daddy was WAYYYY worse! [laughing face emoji]My baby is twice my age! @big_riog call ya niece & tell her how I used to get down bruh! She don’t believe me.”

He said,

“I remember my mama said F*CK THAT & left the plastic on the mattress [face palm emoji] [laughing face emoji]. My brothers used to be on my A** bout that sh*t! [laughing face emoji]”

As previously reported DaBabyAfter he got into several online arguments with his mother, his 3-month-old son, the story made headlines earlier in the week. DaniLeigh, 26. It’s unclear what initiated the now-viral back and forth between the former love birds but they both went live numerous times over the incident to share their side of the story. 


DaniLeighEverything began when DaBabyShe came home late Sunday night (Nov.14) and tried kicking her and her baby out of her house so he would cheat on her. She hopped on IG live at some point during the evening to show that she had been called by police to remove her Charlotte home.

However, DaBabyThe pair claim that they were never married. DaniLeigh is, 

“cuckoo for cocoa puffs.” 



DaniLeighDid they eventually leave? DaBaby’sShe brought her child home to share with the public that she and her child are fine. After the incident, DaniLeighHe was reportedly charged in connection with an assault.


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