Da Baby Is Okay To Perform But Not Dave Chappelle, LGBTQ Organization Says

Da Baby Can Perform, But Not Dave Chappelle. LGBTQ Organization Says

DaBabyAn LGBTQ+ organization has given their approval to perform. Dave Chappelle? It’s not so. 

Rapper DaBabyComedian Dave ChappelleThey have been headlined for their controversial statements regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Now, Unleashed Relationship says it’sOkay with DaBaby returning to the stage. 


Dave Chappelle

According to the LGBTQ+ org’s CEO, Gwendolyn D. Clemons, DaBaby has made progress since his remarks after sitting down with over 100 organizations that advocate for the community.

But in the case of Dave Chappelle, Clemons is less forgiving. Citing that Chappelle has not issued a genuine apology, Clemons says the comedian was fully aware of his actions and perpetuated hate speech in the name of comedy.

As previously reported, Dave Chappelle faced backlash for his comments, which were deemed transphobic, in his comedy special, ‘The Closer.’ 

On Oct. 20th, the employees of the Netflix ERG group, Trans*, staged a walkout and drafted a list of demands to help cultivate more transgender and nonbinary talent in the workplace, and representation of trans and nonbinary talent in front and behind the camera.

Chappelle previously said he is open to meeting with LGBTQ Netflix workers but with conditions that include, they have to watch the complete The Closer special, they have to meet at a time and place that he selects, and they have to confess that comedian Hannah Gadsby isn’t funny.

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