Couple lives in an ultra-spacious tiny home with a loft where even tall people can stand up

If you’re looking for an ultra-spacious tiny house design, this modern, off-the-grid, and open concept home in New Zealand is a perfect inspiration.

Angus and Kate purchased their tiny home nine-months ago and moved it onto a breathtaking elevated section with stunning views. They have lived their dream lives ever since.

Living Large in a Small House

Angus first became interested in tiny houses after he began transporting them around New Zealand to clients. He decided it would be a good fit for him so he bought his own.

Tiny Towing Solutions has been his business since then and he has been moving between 30 and 50 houses per month.

Inside Angus' spacious tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

The house is 33x10x14 feet in size and is located 250 meters above the sea level. They get great sun and enjoy beautiful, expansive views.

Out the back are shipping containers that hold Angus’ five-kilowatt solar kit. The home also features a mudroom as well as an amazing deck.

Once you step inside the home, you’ll be surprised to discover the spacious feel it gives, which can be attributed to the extra height and full-size ceiling in the dining room area.

Inside Angus' spacious tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

If they need more space, the dining area can accommodate a full-sized person or two people.

The kitchen has counters with a bamboo top, a gas stove, a microwave and plenty of cupboard space. Kate and Angus can also enjoy the view from the bench seats.

The kitchen of Angus' tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

The upstairs lounge area is a comfortable space with a couch, fluffy pillows and a flat-screen TV. Angus, Kate and their dog, Charlie, love to spend time here watching movies or relaxing.

Another advantage of the lounge area is that anyone, even taller, can easily stand up and slump on it without having to duck.

The lounge area inside Angus' tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

Upstairs, on the other side of the house, is the sleeping loft. This has a large, storage-space filled bed and lots of windows to let the air flow around the room.

The sleeping loft in Angus' tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

The bathroom is spacious, with a full-size bathtub, a flushing toilet and lots of storage.

A great feature is the full-length glass window, which allows for natural light to enter the space during the day.

The bathroom inside Angus' tiny home

Although they’re basically in the middle of nowhere, Angus and Kate don’t run short on fun activities in their location.

They can ride horses on the property’s five horses if they wish. Angus also owns a side-by-side, which he drives on the 4×4 track close to their home.

The deck of Angus' tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

“We had a big house before this so we had a lot of stuff, and at the time you think you need all that,” Angus said. “But when you actually move into the tiny house and you start being a bit more particular on what you need, you learn pretty quickly that you don’t need so much clutter, and you can sort of declutter your life moving into a tiny house.”

One thing that Angus loves most about this tiny house is coming home to something so “comfortable and cozy and warm.”

Indeed, Angus & Kate have made their home a true paradise. Take a look at the video below to see their incredible home.

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