Corporate Pride Sponsors Have Given Over $1.5 Million to Anti-LGBTQ Politicians

Companies post rainbows on social networks to show their support for the LGBTQ community during Pride Month. However, many of these companies quietly donate tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for politicians who push for anti-LGBTQ legislation. a new analysis shows.

Data for Progress reports that over $1.5 million has been donated to anti-LGBTQ politicians in six states by dozens of companies who sponsor Pride celebrations in six cities. Fortune 500 companies have contributed more than $2.8 million to anti-LGBTQ causes.

This analysis highlights those who sponsor Pride festivities in Atlanta and Houston, Los Angeles (Houston), Miami, New York (New York), San Francisco (San Francisco).

Toyota is the biggest sponsor, with donations of $601,500 to antiLGBTQ lawmakers since 2019. Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott alone has received $400,000 from the company within the last few years — even while Abbott has worked to eroderights for the community, and is currently One of the leadersYou can find more information at nationwideConservative campaign to attack transgender children threaten their lives.

AT&T is also among the lead donors to anti-LGBTQ campaigns, the analysis shows, even though the company is a Pride sponsor. The company has donated nearly $300,000 to a wide range of right-wing politicians, much of which has also gone toward Abbott’s campaign.

Both Toyota and AT&T have their headquarters in Texas, and have received hugeTax incentivesfor operating in the state. Comcast is another Pride sponsor. business operations inTexas also gave tens to thousands of dollars to Abbott. In total, Texas donated over $120,000 to antiLGBTQ politicians.

These companies claim to be allies to the LGBTQ community and have public-facing entities such as their rainbow-colored logos. Pride-themed productsThey are fighting to keep politicians in power who will make sure that Their corporate tax rates remain lowActivly supporting anti-LGBTQ hatred campaigns across the country.

Data for Progress found that donating to politicians who support or introduce anti-LGBTQ legislation, is a disapprovalable practice. A recent poll found that 54 percent of likely voters disapprove corporations donating to such causes. Only 36 percent approve. Disney, Walgreens and Lowe’s are giving to anti-LGBTQ politicians, the companies’ favorability among the poll respondents dropped by up to 37 points.

It’s unlikely that most consumers are aware of these practices, however, meaning that corporations’ bottom lines are likely unaffected by their hypocrisy on LGBTQ rights and other issues. Many corporations pledged to protect voting rights following the January 6 Capitol attack Later, donations to RepublicansFor example, those who voted against the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

LGBTQ activists have been fighting for equality for the past several years. Pride should be kept away from corporations altogether, saying that “support” from companies only serves to boostTheir public image while obscuring the Pride celebrationsThese were born out radical grassroots movements and uprisings.