Coronji Calhoun, Who Starred Alongside Halle Berry In ‘Monster’s Ball’, Dies At 30 Years Old [CONDOLENCES]

Coronji Calhoun, Who Starred Alongside Halle Berry In ‘Monster’s Ball’, Dies At 30 Years Old [CONDOLENCES]

Monster’s Ball Actor Cononji Calhoun Sadly, he is no longer with us.

Recent reports suggest that Monster’s Ball Actor Coronji Calhoun Congestive heart failure and lung issues caused his death. While news of the 30-year-old’s death has just begun making headlines, his mother–Theresa Bailey–revealed he actually died back on Oct. 13th.

Coronji Calhoun

Coronji Calhoun‘s only big screen role was as Halle Berry‘s son in Monster’s Ball. Halle Berry–who memorably won an Oscar for her performance in the film–recalled working with the then-child actor during a 2002 interview. The actress admitted that she struggled with the 10-year-old to criticize her for her movie role. In which her child was overweight, the film’s director filmed:

“It was hard because he said something really heartbreaking to us: Marc and I were talking to him, saying this is just a movie, and I kept saying, ‘Everything I do and say, it’s not real, I really think you’re wonderful.’ And he said, ‘Well, whatever you do to me, Halle Berry, it isn’t going to be worse than what the kids at school do to me.’”

To show her affection Coronji Calhoun Set, Halle Berry revealed she’d spend time

“kissing him and hugging him every minute before and right after [scenes] and really making an investment in him.”

Halle Berry

Since Coronji Passed away, GoFundMeTo help pay funeral expenses, a page was created. The fundraiser has a goal of $14,000 and has raised just $11,600. It’s worth noting that Halle Berry  Lee Daniels–one of the directors of Monster’s Ball–both donated $3,394 to the GoFundMe.

Lee Daniels

Coronji Calhoun His mother, his 10-year-old son and his 13-year old stepson are his survivors.

We send our condolences to Coronji Calhoun’s friends and family during this trying time.