Chicago Requires COVID-19 Shots for Poll Watchers in Early Voting

Chicago is requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccination for election workers at early voting sites, but the move won’t affect poll watchers on Election Day, the city’s election board says. 

The requirement is “contradictory, arbitrary, and downright silly,” said Carol Davis, chairman of the Illinois Conservative Union. 

Davis noted that rumors are flying and she doesn’t want poll watchers or election judges to think mistakenly that they have to show proof of vaccination to work Election Day. 

“For the first time in decades, we have a real, concerted effort to have balance [at] our polls  and we don’t want to see that disrupted,” Davis told The Daily Signal. “We have built countywide task forces, which are critical, because if there is an election incident, it’s often at the county level.”

But Chicago allows 40 days of early voting before Nov. 8, which is Election Day, a sizable amount of voting that isn’t subject to independent monitors at 52 locations. 

In Illinois, election judgesYou are paid to manage precinct election polling stations, assist voters, close and open the polling locations, and complete reports after the polls close. A poll watcherRepresentative of a candidate, political party or community organization. Legally credentialed to supervise voting to ensure that election law and procedures are properly followed. 

Chicago and Cook County are well-known for their voting and corruption scandals. The jurisdictions were considered decisive when Democrat John F. Kennedy won 1960’s presidential election. 

“This goes back to the Chicago machine, as far as I’m concerned,” said Davis, who also is the state director of the Election Protection Initiative at FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy group. “It is built into the law to give the Left an advantage.”

A study by the National Bureau of Economic ResearchIt seems to support a long-held assumption that vaccine hesitancy occurs more on the Left than the Right. 

The study found that Republican-leaning counties had a higher “excess” death rate from COVID-19—meaning above the expected death toll relative to the pre-pandemic baseline—than Democrat-leaning counties after three approved vaccines were widely available. This disparity existed before the vaccines were widely available. 

Max Beaver, director of information for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners stated that there are no vaccinations or mask requirements in Chicago for election observers, judges, and coordinators on Election Day. 

“Applicants for part-time work with the board, which includes working as an early voting official, are required to be fully vaccinated, a resident of the city of Chicago, and be able to pass a background check,” Beaver told The Daily Signal in an email. 

“Early voting officials assist voters at early voting sites in the city of Chicago by: checking voters into the e-pollbooks, issuing voter cards to use in voting touchscreens and the ballot printer, and [helping] voters with voter registration and other questions,” he wrote. 

Beaver stated that early voters hired contractors through the election board. All applicants must adhere to board policy, including being vaccinated for COVID-19. He said that early voting officials are paid $17 an hour and hired on a contract basis for approximately two weeks.

Janine Small, president, International Development Markets, Pfizer Inc., was last week. testified to the European Parliament that the pharmaceutical company didn’t know whether its COVID-19 vaccine would prevent viral transmission before bringing it to market. This development cast doubt on the need for “vaccine passports” and other mandates imposed in European countries. 

“This is obviously a useless and unnecessary requirement,” said Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative at The Heritage Foundation, the parent organization of The Daily Signal. “Whether the government has the legal authority to require it, I would think, is also a matter of dispute.”

Von Spakovsky added: “Given the fact that election officials all over the country are always having problems finding enough election workers, I think a requirement like that seems extremely foolish.”

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