Chanel Ayan Has Questions About Caroline Stanbury’s Marriage 

Don’t buy their love story. Real Housewives of Dubaistar Chanel Ayan It’s no secret that Costars are not her favorite thing about her. Caroline Stanbury

“I do respect her as a person, but we just don’t click. I’m like a free bird, right? I like to get to know people, I love connecting with people,” Chanel, 43, exclusively revealed on the Wednesday, June 15, episode of Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “I have literally tried, and I’ve lived in so many places in this world, like, as a model traveling and stuff and just didn’t click with her. It’s just — it’s not there.”

She added, “I’m not the type of person that likes to force to be friends with somebody. I would rather have one good one than have six or 10 that I don’t get along with. What’s the purpose of it? I like my space and my peace of mind.”

The model also questions the former Ladies of London star’s marriage to Sergio Carrallo — who Caroline, 46, wed in November 2021 after splitting from Cem Habib in 2019 — calling their union a “collaboration relationship.”

Chanel Ayan & Caroline Stanbury
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“I’m a very private person. I’ve been married for 23 years and very close friends of mine know my husband. I’m very, very private even when it comes to my kid and I believe if you love somebody and you care about them, there is mutual respect, but that’s me, I’m talking about my experience and my lifestyle,” Chanel explained to Us. “I just find it’s very showy off. So, I have many questions about it personally. Do I believe they love one another and care about each others? We’ll see who’s the most on camera and who loves the camera the most. So, I’ll be watching as everybody else, then I’ll make a decision on that.”

But when the camera’s not on Caroline and Sergio 27, Chanel hopes viewers will discover who she really, truly is.

“I just want people to see that I’m a good mom and that’s my pride and joy. I love my husband. I also want them to see that I am an entrepreneur,” Chanel told Us. “I don’t take myself seriously whatsoever, I’m a free bird and a free spirit, but a very loyal friend and loving mom. So, I want them to see that side of me and to see that I just don’t give a f—k. I say whatever I want whenever I want, however I want.”

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