Celebrating Thanksgiving in a More Inclusive Manner

As its nickname “the great melting pot” attests, the United States is a land of immigrants. Each family brings its own traditions to holidays, whether they arrived recently or during the time the country was still controlled by England. 

Thanksgiving is no exception. Some families love the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes. They also identify with the Pilgrims’ journey to a new country in the late 1600s. Others are not as attached to these traditions and prefer to create or continue their own.

Optional Thanksgivings that are more inclusive

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be about eating a large meal, watching a National Football League match on TV, and then eating pie for dessert. These are just some of the many ways American families have chosen Thanksgiving to be a day to give thanks.

Organise a food drive and serve food to others

Millions of Americans go home hungry every night, many of them children. Many people celebrate the blessings of abundance at this time of year. choose to give to those in need. One option is to organize a community food drive. Another option is to offer Thanksgiving Day meals to the public through an organization like Salvation Army or local church.

Invite someone to a holiday meal with you.

For a variety reasons, people find themselves alone on Thanksgiving. Some people move to a new country or state and are unable to return home to see their family. 

Some have experienced family separation while others have lost close family members. If you want to be more inclusive, look at your social circle to see if there are any people they can invite to spend Thanksgiving with you.

A restaurant that serves non-American foods

Americans were going. Chinese restaurants on ThanksgivingThe tradition was popularized long before the Parker family made it famous in The Christmas Story. This can be a great way for small business owners to support people from other cultures, especially those who don’t celebrate the American holiday in the same way as others.

Think Beyond Turkey to Explore More Inclusionary Food Options

There are many options for those who don’t want to go to a restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. They can also enjoy experimenting with international recipesIt is possible to substitute some or all of your Thanksgiving staples. As an example, the dinner host can make pumpkin soup as a side meal instead of the traditional mashed potatoes and stuffing.

Miso pumpkin soup is a favorite dish in many countries. The soup has a deeper and more crunchier flavor than the pureed pumpkin. These flavors will be familiar to fans of Asian cuisine, but the soup can also be enjoyed by those who prefer traditional Asian food.

Turkey lovers will be pleased to learn that you can still use turkey meat for Thanksgiving dinner, but with a different flavor. It’s as easy as switching out traditional Thanksgiving herbs for something more flavorful, such as Indian curry powder or Chinese five spice.