Camilla Parker Bowles Sent ‘Mafia Thug’ Note To Princess Diana

Lately, there’s been plenty of royal drama due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the royal family. The royal family has been controversial in the past. A new report claims that the royal family is now in controversy. Camilla Parker BowlesSent Princess DianaAs a joke on the eve her wedding, she struck a subtly cruel note Prince Charles.

What Did Camilla Parker Bowles Tell Princess Diana?

Writer and broadcaster Bidisha Mamata revealed the shocking royal drama in footage from CNN’s new series, Diana. Mamata described Bowles’s action, which occurred after she found out about Princess Diana’s and the Prince Of Wales’ engagement, as “unbelievable.”

In the series Matama explained, “Camilla Parker Bowles left Diana a note saying, ‘Such exciting news. Love to see the engagement band.’” At first, the note appears harmless and even congratulatory. Mamata said that there was more to the story. 

According to the writer, Bowles’s note was a real “power move,” and she even compared it to Regina George’s tactics from the 2004 film Mean Girls. “That’s like a real mafia thug move. That’s so Mean Girls it’s unbelievable,” Mamata told CNN. Mamata was also supported by other members of the royal family.

For example, former royal correspondent Jennie Bond remarked the note was devilish and proved that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage had issues from the very start. “In Diana’s own words, she told me any marriage Prince Charles might have made could never be as strong as the relationship he had with Camilla. And that’s what she was battling with from the outset,” Bond said. 

Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles’ Relationship 

The reason Bowles’ note to Princess Diana was a “power move” is that she had an extensive history with Prince Charles. Prince Charles and Bowles first met at a Windsor Great Park Polo match in 1970. The two fell in love immediately after their first meeting. Their romance was cut short when Prince Charles had to go to the Royal Navy for eighteen months. Bowles got engaged to another person while Prince Charles was away. 

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were in a relationship when they met, but Bowles and Charles remained close friends. In fact, the two were almost too close. According reports, Prince Charles began an affair with Bowles in 1986. After several years of marital difficulties, Princess Diana was eventually divorced by Prince Charles in 1992. Then, 35 years after they initially met, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles announced their engagement. So, although Bowles may be jealous of Princess Diana’s engagement, she finally got the chance to marry the man that she had always wanted.