Calls Grow to Drop Murder Charges Against Black Teen Chrystul Kizer in Kenosha

A second case in the city is receiving national attention, after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on self-defense charges for fatally shooting 2 people and injuring 3 others during racial injustice protests in Kenosha last year. Human rights advocates want to see the case of ChrystulKizer dismissed. She was charged with homicide and other crimes for killing her white sex dealer in 2018. He had attempted to rape and drug her when she was 17 years old. According to court records, Randall Volar was known by police as having a history of sexually abusing young Black girls. Kizer was initially denied a self-defense argument by the court. However, an appellate court reversed that decision and the Wisconsin Supreme Court will be considering the ruling. “It has huge ramifications for her, but it also has a huge potential impact for other victims of trafficking,” says reporter Anne Branigin. “We have a very clear case where we are not receiving the same support, the same outcry from folks who got behind Kyle Rittenhouse to defend this young Black woman,” says Wisconsin state representative David Bowen. “She was trying to defend herself to get out of the sex trafficking she was being abused with.”

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