Bruce Willis Unrecognizable In Halloween Costume Alongside Daughters

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, some celebrities genuinely go all out, sparing no expense to create the perfect costume. From trending cultural references to extravagant makeup, this year’s Hollywood Halloween costumes were certainly a spectacle. The holiday saw many people who were completely different from themselves. Bruce Willis, who accepted the day with a haunting face. 

What did Bruce Willis wear for Halloween?

Bruce Willis was able to get into character for Halloween. evidenced by his wife’s Instagram post. On Monday, Willis’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, shared a couple of pictures from the family’s Halloween weekend.

The first photo featured the couple’s two daughters, Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn, smiling as they dressed up as a jester and an inflatable unicorn. While Willis’s daughters opted for costumes with a cuter feel, the actor’s costume was just the opposite. 

Bruce Willis was a terrifyingly realistic-looking man with a mask that made him almost unrecognizable. His wife even joked about the incident in her caption. “Hope you had a Happy Halloween. We sure did AND we picked up this rando guy along the way, just don’t tell my husband,” Heming Willis jokingly wrote.

Bruce Willis was apparently wearing a mask. wasn’t the first time it made an appearance in the family. The Die Hard star’s 30-year-old daughter, Scout Willis, commented under the picture, “This mask remains horrifying.. what a family heirloom.” Other followers were quick to comment how different the actor looked, too. 

Other Impressive Celebrity Halloween Outfits for 2021

Although Bruce Willis’s costume was indeed impressive (and terrifying), he wasn’t the only celebrity who went all out for Halloween. One costume that generated a lot of attention was Harry Styles’, as he dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz. Styles invited his fans to dress up as costumes for a Madison Square Garden concert. Styles wore a gingham microdress with ruby red slippers and went all out. 

Lizzo was also a star as she dressed as Baby Yoda and covered her entire body in green paint. Other noteworthy costumes include Meghan Thee Stallion’s take on Cruella de Vil, Lil Nas X dressed as VoldemortAriana Grande and, dressed up as a mossy, swamp monster.

Janelle Monae and other celebrities seemed to be anticipating Christmas. Fans were astonished at the accuracy of the Grinch costume worn by the actress. One thing’s for sure, several celebrities jumped at the chance to display their Halloween spirit.