Bindi Irwin Leaving Australia Zoo, Moving To America With Husband Chandler Powell?

Are you Bindi IrwinHer husband, Chandler PowellAre you ready for a permanent move in America? According to one tabloid, the couple is “excitedly planning a trip” to the States to “show off” their seven-month-old daughter. Gossip CopExamines whether Powell and Irwin are really planning to move to America.

Are Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell ‘Ready For A New Start’ In America?

Per Woman’s Day, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell are “itching” to make a trip to the United States so their daughter, Grace, can finally meet Powell’s parents. A source close to the duo says, “It’s been extremely hard on” Powell’s parents not being able to see their son or granddaughter because of pandemic lockdown restrictions.

An insider has revealed that Powell and Irwin could be prolonging their trip to America indefinitely. “Bindi and Chandler have discussed the idea of moving to the States a few times now, and it’s definitely on the cards,” the tipster reveals. 

Apparently, after the couple waits “until the zoo recovers from pandemic losses,” setting up life in Los Angeles is the next step. “Bindi is keen on Hollywood,” the source says. Despite all this excitement, Bindi’s mom, Terry, is “dreading” being without her daughter. 

Is Bindi Irwin You are the best Leaving Australia? 

This is a good question. Woman’s Day narrative true? Are Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin planning to leave Australia to live in Hollywood? At Gossip Cop, we’re not buying it. If you are interested in glance at Irwin’s Instagram, it’s clear she’s very committed to her life at the zoo. It doesn’t appear like she’s ready to give any of that up to try and start a new career in Hollywood. We don’t see any reason to believe that Bindi will suddenly abandon the Australia Zoo, given her dedication to it during and after the pandemic.

Also, this tabloid has incorrectly reported on Irwin’s life in the past, making it challenging to believe its latest story. The magazine reported that Irwin was planning to move to America a few years back. According to the outlet, Irwin and Powell wanted to have a second wedding in Oregon to “test the waters of American TV.” Again, the narrative was false, as Irwin and Powell never left Australia nor did they make any moves for a new show.

The Tabloids Won’t Leave Bindi Irwin Alone

It seems like Woman’s DayOver the years, Bindi Irwin has been published false stories. Last year, the magazine said the entire Irwin family was fighting over their late father’s money. As Gossip Cop previously noted, this was just another example of a bait-and-switch story, which promised “chaos” and conflict but delivered nothing at all in reality.