Big Brother’s Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Going through a difficult time. Big BrotherAlum Mike “Boogie” MalinLast month, filed for bankruptcy Us WeeklyOnly one person has learned.

According to records, the 52-year-old reality TV alum filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, meaning he’s seeking to have his qualifying debts wiped fully clean with no obligation to repay them.

If the request is approved, a trustee would be appointed to convert the CBS personality’s nonexempt assets into cash to be distributed among creditors.

Malin won the first season of all-stars Big BrotherIn 2006, he won the $500,000 grand prize. He previously appeared on the series’ second season in 2001 as one half of the infamous Chilltown alliance.

The New Hampshire native has been the subject of numerous legal and controversies in recent years. After an August 2019 arrest, Malin was found guilty of felony stalking. He was sentenced to two-years probation and was sentenced in June 2021. After being arrested, Malin initially pleaded no guilty to stalking former. Big Brother costar. He later withdrew his original plea and changed it to “nolo contendere,” or no contest.

One month later, the stalking verdict was overturned. Malin Pled guilty to a misdemeanor DUIFollowing an August 2020 arrest. Additional charges — which included having an open alcohol container inside the vehicle and possession of a drug without a prescription — were dismissed.

Apart from his recent legal troubles the television personality caused controversy in the Big BrotherCommunity in June 2020 to make racial remarks Jonny Fairplay’s “SurvivorNSFW” podcast.

Malin compared Big Brother alums during the episode Tyler CrispenAnd Angela RummansTo Bayleigh DaytonAnd “Swaggy C” Williams.

“They’ve [Tyler and Angela] done a good job in today’s world of the couple doing the social media. They’re, like, what the two African-Americans are trying to be,” he said at the time. “What are their names? Right, Bayleigh and Chris. They’re trying to do this whole Jay-ZAnd Beyoncé thing but without the talent and without any good performance on their season.”

He continued: “I mean, there’s a whole new wave and it’ll be interesting. I think they’ll probably end up with some bad people on there because there’s going to be such a push for diversity.”

After backlash from fans Fairplay, 48 removed the episode.

“The Mike Boogie Podcast has been removed from the SurvivorNSFW podcast feed,” he wrote via Twitter at the time. “Having Boogie on came from a good place. But it is important to hear his comments in their entirety and not just accept them or ignore them. I am sorry for the people I have disappointed. I’ll do better.”