Big Brother 24’s Monte and Taylor Caught Kissing on Live Feeds

Expect the Unexpected Big Brother’s Monte and Taylor Make Out
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This article contains Big BrotherSpoilers from the live feeds

Is there a new showmance? Big Brother houseguests Monte TaylorAnd Taylor HaleThey were seen kissing live on the feeds.

Taylor and Monte, both 27, got some privacy in the Head-of-Household bed. The personal trainer is the HOH title for this week.

Both were part of the Leftovers alliance that collapsed earlier in this season. Kyle CapenerSubmitted Terrance HigginsThe names of all those involved so he could target Joseph Abdin. After voting to expel her former alliance member Michael BrunerDuring the double eviction episode on Thursday, September 8, Taylor said to Monte that he was her closest remaining relationship in the house.

“All my eggs are in the basket with you. Don’t make me look like a f—king idiot,” she said.

Many live-feed viewers were amazed by the pair exchanging kisses. Former Miss Michigan USA admitted that she had the hots for Joseph, 25.

“Tell me to stop having a crush,” she told Brittany HoopesLast month, they had a conversation that was captured on the live feeds. She and Joseph became good friends in the game, even spending 48 hours chained together as “Skid and Fancy,” a parody of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

The lawyer had no choice but to leave the house after Taylor was evicted in the split house twist. Although Taylor cried over losing one of her best friends in the game, both she and Joseph playfully referred to their dynamic as a “fauxmance.” However, after his eviction, the Florida native seemed open to the idea of exploring a romantic connection outside the game.

“I definitely do care about Taylor,” he told Us Weekly last month. “I think she’s so amazing. And the more I get to know her and the more time I spend with her, you know, it’s hard not to with that girl, but you know, in due time.”

Expect the Unexpected Big Brother’s Monte and Taylor Make Out

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale on ‘Big Brother.’

Currently sequestered in a jury house together with Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Kyle, 29, and Michael, 29, Joseph is not yet aware of Taylor and Monte’s makeout session.

The only other showmance of the season — which blossomed between Kyle and Alyssa Snider — ended in tears earlier this month after Michael, 28, and Brittany, 32, informed the other houseguests that Kyle had made comments assuming the season’s BIPOC contestants had a secret alliance.

In a conversation that aired in August, the TikTok influencer said, “I’m sorry, but after the Cookout uniting under one common cause, which was race … it has to play into my thought process moving forward in the game,” referring to the all-Black Cookout alliance that dominated the game throughout season 23.

Alyssa, 24 broke up with Kyle before his unanimous eviction. Before he left, the Utah native apologized to his houseguests and acknowledged that he had made some comments about unconscious racial bias.

“This week has been very tough, but also very amazing with interacting with the individuals in the house. I’ve chatted with each one individually, and they’ve shared their experiences, their support for me, their love and compassion for someone in my situation. I’m forever grateful for that,” he exclusively told UseAfter you leave the house. “As far as leaving the game, the responsibility then falls on me to continue to have those conversations, to continue to learn and grow and continue to find resources that can help me understand these types of situations more fully.”

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