Biden to Vow to Make Codifying “Roe” First Priority If Democrats Win Congress

President Joe Biden has vowed that, if Democrats win in the midterms the first bill he sends to the next Congress session will codify abortion rights. Roe v. Wade, according to a Democratic official.

Biden will speak Tuesday before the Democratic National Committee. plans to emphasizeAbortion rights are a top priority of the party. If Democrats retain control of the House and add two Senate seats, then he will. aim to sign theAccording to a source familiar with his speech, the abortion rights bill will be passed into law in the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court landmark ruling in January.

In his speech, the president will also criticize Republicans. Their efforts were greatly appreciated.If they are elected to control Congress, they will be able to pass a nationwide ban on abortion.

A GOP takeover would have catastrophic consequences for reproductive rights. It could criminalize huge swathes abortion providers or patients. likely raisingThe maternal mortality rate

The speech is aimed at motivating voters passionate about abortion rights to cast a ballot in this year’s elections. Abortion bans are unpopularAmong the public, and polls They have beenVoters rank abortion as the number one issue in the election. They also say that it is a major concern. key issue drivingThey are eligible to vote.

Democrats have honed in on campaigning around abortion rights in this election, promising voters to protect abortion rights federally and overrule states’ dangerous abortion bans if they win.

Abortion advocates have criticised Democrats and Biden for their campaign on abortion rights. However, they claim that they have not done enough. with the powerThey are currently required to protect those who seek abortion and others affected by bans. Some lawmakers suggested that Biden could declare an emergency of public health over abortion bans to help free up resources and highlight how important this issue is.

Recent months have seen Democrats try to pass legislation that would provide similar federal protections for abortion. Roepreviously been able to afford. In July, shortly thereafter far right Supreme Court justicesOverturned Roe, the House passed a bill that would have protected abortion rights federally, known as the Women’s Health Protection Act.

But Democrats’ efforts have been stymied by pro-filibuster conservative Democrats Senators Joe Manchin (West Virginia), and Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona, who oppose the use of a filibuster carveout for abortion rights — an idea that Biden has endorsed. The majority of Republicans in Congress oppose codifying abortion rights.

Biden signed the agreement without Congress’ support. executive actionsIt is designed to protect women who travel across state boundaries to obtain an abortion, and to ensure that they have access to medications and other potential benefits. increasing accessFor those who have to travel outside of their home state in order to obtain an abortion.

So far over a dozenSome states have banned or restricted abortions. Others bans are currently being challenged in court or being considered by state legislatures.

These bans have led to horrifying experiencesFor many people. Children incest victims have been forced out of state to get abortions. Others have been denied medications due to possible birth defects or potential abortifacients. Cancer patients, For instancePatients who have been denied chemotherapy in at least one state that has an abortion ban were forced to travel to another state to get an abortion before they could start their cancer treatments.