Biden Tells Oil Refinery Companies It’s Unfair to Pass Gas Costs Onto Americans

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden sent a note to several oil refinery businesses, asking them to increase production in an effort to lower gas prices.

In his letter, which he sent to seven oil refinery companies in the U.S.Biden pointed out that gas prices rose by $1.70 a gallon since 2022 and are now at $5 per gallon.

Biden blamed the higher prices partially on Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, saying that it has disrupted the global supply of oil, making it harder to refine more oil into gas. The president also claimed that refinery companies were responsible for driving up prices at the pump.

“The sharp rise in gasoline prices is not driven only by rising oil prices, but by an unprecedented disconnect between the price of oil and the price of gas,” Biden said.

He noted that gasoline and diesel prices are now significantly higher than they were 3 months ago, despite the oil price remaining relatively constant. The high increases were “the result of the historically high profit margins for refining oil into gasoline, diesel and other refined products,” Biden said.

The president recognized that there was a shortage of refining capacity due to the pandemic, but questioned how global “refinery profit margins [could be] well above normal” during “a time of war.”

Passing the costs onto American families is “not acceptable,” Biden said, adding:

Families are facing a crisis that requires immediate action. My Administration needs to work with your companies to find concrete, immediate solutions to the crisis.

Biden’s letter to oil refinery companies didn’t reference any of the numerous solutions that progressives have called for. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), among other climate advocates, is one example. have called for a windfall tax on oil companies’ profitsTo discourage them from inflating prices on consumers.

“If the conservative government in the United Kingdom can implement a windfall profits tax on Big Oil and use that revenue to help consumers offset high gas prices at the pump, we can and we must do the same,” Sanders said in a tweet on Wednesday. “We must stop corporate greed and protect working families.”

Climate advocates are also wary of Biden’s actions, noting that his push for Big Oil to increase production is inconsistent with his pledge to focus on reducing the U.S.’s use of fossil fuels.

“It’s not even so much that I think the administration is recommitting to oil and gas, it’s that nobody can tell what they’re trying to do,” Justin Guay, director of global climate strategy at the Sunrise Project, told Politico back in April. “They’re not telling a coherent story.”