Biden May Invite Starbucks and Amazon Union Organizers to the White House

The Biden administration may soon invite Starbucks and Amazon union organizers to the White House, potentially heeding Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vermont) call to do so last week.

White House insiders told The Washington PostAdministration officials are currently in talks to union organizers about arranging a visit. Sources said that details are still being worked out and that the meeting has not been concluded.

This would be a major gesture of support from the Administration for ongoing labor movements, which have been growing across the country. Although President Joe Biden a Made Some movesHis administration has been quiet about the issue, which has otherwise caused a stir within the working classes.

White House officials are apparently eager to open a dialogue with labor organizers in order to showcase the resurgence of the labor movement, which they say is a direct result of the administration’s economic policies, according to the PostAlthough labor organizers are responsible for this, Have been trying to mobilizeWorkers en masse have been working for years, long before this administration came into power.

The meeting discussions appear to be a direct response to Sanders’s call Last SundayBiden should invite unionized workers into the White House. Sanders spoke at a rally in New York City with Amazon workers and union organizers. He praised Biden’s talk on labor issues, but stated that he should do more to support the labor movement.

“What he has got to do is start inviting these guys to the White House,” Sanders said. “He’s got to invite the Starbucks workers to the White House, the other unions that are organizing all over this country, and make it clear that he is on their side and that he is going to do what he can to support labor organizing throughout this country.”

Sanders has EmphasizingIf Democrats want to be able to stand with the labor movement, they must do so strongly. Biden should lead this effort and could take action. like canceling Amazon’s contracts with the federal government because of the company’s disregardThe Vermont senator spoke out in support of federal labor laws in its union fighting campaigns.

Unionizing Starbucks workers Ask lawmakersto be more vocal about their union campaign to draw attention to the anti-union drive that the company has been engaging in. Starbucks has fired at least 18 pro-union employeesThe company claims they were fired because of their involvement in union organizing. While it is against the law for companies to retaliate for workers engaging in union activity, current punishments are lax.

The president of Amazon Labor Union, which unionized a Staten Island Amazon warehouse successfully last month, is It lost its election to a second warehouseLast week, the voters voted that lawmakers should be passed the Protecting the Right to Organize ActTo protect union workers and to galvanize new movements. Biden said that he can also act on his own.

“They have to pass the PRO Act,” ALU President Christian Smalls told Vanity Fair. “If they’re not going to pass the PRO Act, Biden needs to sign an executive order. Simple as that.”

With less than 200 days to go until the midterm elections, vocally supporting workers’ movements could turn out to be a favorable strategy for the White House. Polling from September last yearGallup revealed that support for labor unions has been on the rise with a 68% approval rate. Blue Rose Research for More Perfect Union recently conducted a poll. 75 percent were found to be successful of Americans support Amazon’s union efforts.