Biden Is About 1619, Not 1776

President Joe Biden travelled to Philadelphia, to Independence Hall, the place where the nation’s Founders signed the Declaration of Independence, to make his case for “The Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation.”

Indeed, the president, in his remarks, said we are at an “inflection point” regarding where we stand and the path we’ll take for the future.

It is one rare moment when I agree completely with our president. We are at the forefront of a tug-of-war for our future.

Biden presented himself, and the political factions he represents, as those dedicated to saving and preserving the nation’s founding principles. The threat, per Biden, is “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans,” who “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

But the woke crowd that Biden represents doesn’t see the beginning of American history with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776. They see the beginnings American history with the arrival in 1619 of slaves to Virginia.

They see America a place of oppression and need to be corrected. They see America as a place of oppression that must be fixed. Our president is aware that if he used imagery that was consistent with the values he truly represents, the state his party would be in the upcoming elections will be even worse than it is right now.

Biden’s performance in Philadelphia, as most appreciate, was politically contrived, because polling shows that former President Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. Democrats want to put more emphasis on Biden than on what they stand for and what MAGA members really want.

It’s not about any one individual, but about the struggle for the high ground. The pivot point is whether America will be secularized, socialist, and woke, or the free nation of God, as its founders envisioned it.

Our president cannot even accurately read our own Declaration of Independence, which he described as “an idea unique among nations: that, in America, we’re all created equal.”

But this isn’t what it says. It says “all men are created equal”—not just in America.

It’s not about politics. It is about a nation governed by God that embodies universal principles. And that the job of government is to preserve our God-given rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Biden took God out of the equation and also left government out of it. The purpose of the Declaration is to ensure individual liberty and not to have power to decide who has what.

The MAGAites that bother Biden so are a nationwide movement to recapture exactly those principles that the nation’s Founders declared in Philadelphia, where Biden stood and spoke.

It is no accident that Biden declares “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution,” but with one swipe of the presidential pen, he just wiped out somewhere between $500 billion to $1 trillion in student loan obligations that are now on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley at George Washington University writes that the president’s constitutional authority to do this is dubious at best. “His administration,” writes Turley, “is rushing to get money out the door in October, a month before the midterm elections.”

Turley continues, “The Supreme Court has repeatedly found that President Biden has violated the Constitution and overreached in his use of unilateral executive authority. Biden has, arguably, the worst record of court losses in the first two years of any recent presidential administration.”

Trump won the presidency in 2016 as an outsider political figure because a large portion of America was and still is worried about losing their country.

Half the nation’s economy is now being taken by government at the federal, state, and local level.

This is not America of 1776. We are indeed struggling for our nation’s soul.


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