Biden Administration Implements a Racial Spoils System

The Biden administration is doubling down on the color-conscious policies that were the hallmark of its first year in office through a series of “action plans,” which it released through every executive bureaucracy last month. In an attempt to avoid legal reversals this time, the administration is hiding its racial spoils under bureaucratic euphemisms in order to conceal its racial wealth system.

As we explain in a new report, the administration’s 25 plans will implement discrimination as the official policy of the executive branch; make the government much less efficient; award contracts to uncompetitive bidders, thereby wasting taxpayer money, impair national defense, and further hamper the drive for excellence—or even adequacy—in the nation’s schools.

You can see the radical nature of equity action plans by those who were involved in their creation. The main Black Lives Matter organization was praised in the process of praising the plans. revealedIt had contributed to their creation. The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation stated that it had worked with the Biden team to create these barely-hidden race-conscious policies long before it was elected.

“Biden’s action plan is a major win for the organizations like Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation who have been working with the White House to help develop it since the end of 2020,” said the organization the day after the plans were announced by the White House.

“The solutions in the plan are the result of tireless advocacy and organizing from the grassroots level and beyond, and we are heartened to see the result of so many racial justice advocates’ hard work be written into federal policy today,” said the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in a statement.

These plans are part of the ongoing implementation. executive order, “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” which was the first thing President Joe Biden signed after taking office. They thus double down on “equity” measures that are at war with American ideals and the Constitution that call for equal treatment of all citizens under the law.

The word “equity” has come to mean the opposite of such equal treatment. Equity is the opposite of equal treatment. It is used by the Biden administration and allies like BLM to mean that the government will treat Americans differently depending on their race, ethnicity, membership in a category the government may have created, or on their victimhood status.

One of these victimhood umbrellas, the LGTBQ category is one. This means that individuals will be given special consideration for federal grants, contracts, and other benefits based on their sexual preferences.

The equity plans therefore call for steering contracts and other kinds of federal procurement toward the administration’s favored identity groups.

This contact-steering can have a significant impact on the success or failure of many businesses that are based on the immutable characteristics and sexual orientations of employees and owners.

The action plans concealed their racial aspects behind such euphemisms as “underserved,” “marginalized,” and “disadvantaged.” A look at the definitions of these terms in federal regulations quickly reveals, however, that they are mere synonyms for race or ethnicity.

The federal government, for example, defines the term “underserved communities” as “populations sharing a particular characteristic, as well as geographic communities, that have been systematically denied a full opportunity to participate in aspects of economic, social, and civic life, as exemplified by the list in the preceding definition of ‘equity.’”

Why all the subterfugee? Because these racially discriminatory practices violate the Constitution and are prohibited under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These racial discriminatory policies are not only illegal, but also repulsive and strongly opposed to by the public.

However, having such race-consciousness dominate all government actions is the number 1 objective of the far right that Biden finds himself being held to now, after a long career in the civil rights arena.

The subterfugee is thus evident. After a year of blowbacks against the explicit racism in its approach, the administration appears to have begun concealing its race-conscious policies by 2022.

The New York Times was first reportedLisa Friedman, who was writing about the administration’s new strategy, wrote that they were playing a con game. “Worried that using race to identify and help disadvantaged communities could trigger legal challenges that would stymie their efforts, administration officials said they were designing a system to help communities of color even without defining them as such,” she wrote.

According to Friedman, Brenda Mallory, chair of the White House Council of Environmental Quality, “believed the strategy would lead the government to the same places as a race-based approach: communities of color.”

Even if the race of these 25 plans is concealed behind code words, they violate civil rights law. The intent is clear. To create a system of racial spoils that discriminates in government employment, contracts and benefits, grants, as well as in what is supposed be impartial administration of the justice system.

This is not only against the law and fundamentally unfair but it is also not what a country with inflation and imminent recession needs. This must be stopped by Congress and the courts.

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