Ben Affleck Living Double Life, Secretly Struggling With Alcoholism?

It is Ben AffleckHe is hiding his real life behind Jennifer Lopez? One report says he’s a two-face living a fake life. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘One Big Act’

According to Woman’s Day, Affleck’s wonderful life with Lopez is a farce. While he may gush in interviews and grin from ear to ear, he’s really just acting. A source says this happy version “is not the real Ben,” for the real Affleck is a struggling alcoholic. “He seems to be leading a double life.”

Affleck is looking sexy after several trips to rehab. But his addiction is a permanent problem, an insider said. Affleck’s circle is desperately hoping Lopez can help keep him sober, but that’s no easy task. The source says, “He still gambles and is in contact with some old friends who could be considered shady.” The Gigli star puts on a strong facade, but an insider says, “Ben is much more fragile than he looks.”

Lopez is also apparently worried. “She watched him hit rock bottom with the rest of the world” a source explains, “so some part of her must be worried it could happen again.” Alcoholism was a reason for their 2004 breakup as well, so history may be repeating itself.

What’s Really Going On With Ben Affleck?

Heaven forbid anyone ever struggles with anything. Tabloids have long memories for the worst parts of celebrities’ lives and won’t hesitate to use alcoholism or mental health as ammunition in a hit piece. To this reprehensible tabloid, Affleck’s struggles are nothing more than another thing to insult him about. Affleck’s been upfront about his addictionTelling the story New York Times, “I have certainly made mistakes. I have done things I regret. But you’ve got to pick yourself up, learn from it, learn some more, try to move forward.”

He seems to be on cloud nine, so he can move forward. They packed on the PDAat The Last Duel‘s premiere. The film did bomb at the box office, which isn’t exactly ideal, but it could still be an Oscar contender.

Trashy Stories Abound

In February, this tabloid promised that Affleck would relapse over his breakup with Ana de Armas, so it’s constantly promoting new rock bottoms. This tabloid announced a de Armas’ pregnancy just a few months before their split. However, that was also false. It also boldly claimed Affleck was getting married to Jennifer Garner. None of these stories were remotely accurate, so there’s absolutely no reason to trust this double life story.

Affleck’s not living a fake life or anything like that. He’s been a movie star and sex symbol for decades, so if anything, his relationship with Lopez is just a return to form. This story exists solely to attack Affleck for his drinking, but there’s no evidence to back its hypothesis. Lopez and he are doing well, so this is completely false.