Atlanta Hawks Player Lou Williams Says He Hates Being Asked About His Past Polyamorous Relationship: Both Those Women Are Mothers Of My Children

Lou Williams, Atlanta Hawks player, says he hates being asked about his past polyamorous relationship: Both of those women are mothers to my children

Lou Williams He is tired of people asking about having two girlfriends.

Atlanta Hawks fans may be aware Lou Williams, 35, has infamously had two concurrent girlfriends in the past–Rece Mitchell Ashley Henderson.This subject was often referred to in Drake‘s “6 Man,” where the artist raps:

“6 man like Lou Will, 2 girls and they get along like I’m… / Like I’m Lou Will, I just got the new deal.”

While the NBA star’s past polyamorous relationship may still be a subject of interest in some circles, he recently opened up about disliking when others inquire about it. Lou Williams was asked about what particularly annoys him about interviews, and he said he doesn’t like being pushed to discuss

“the two girlfriends thing.”

Ashley Henderson (c.2014) and Rece Mitchell

He replied:

“[I didn’t like] people asking me about what I’m doing… It wasn’t for everybody.”

Williams He then spoke about the things that bother him about people who ask about his past relationships.

“I was just more so upset that it took on a life of itself and I no longer controlled the narrative of it. People even thought they were sisters, I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I didn’t like the part where I couldn’t control what was being said about it & how they were viewed. Both of those women are mothers of my children, you know what I’m saying? They’re not just some random girls I’m running around with. I have little people running around, and they’re responsible for those kids. So I just didn’t like the narrative and where it was going.”

Listen to Lou Williams‘ remarks down below:

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