Appalachians Protest Manchin’s Mountain Valley Pipeline Plan

Climate activists from Alaska, Indigenous peoples, Appalachians, and others rallied in Washington, D.C., against the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s construction. The protest — No Sacrifice Zones! — spoke out against concessions to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin included in the Inflation Reduction Act that would expedite the pipeline slated to cut through Appalachia, as Senator Bernie Sanders gave an address on the Senate floor calling it a “disastrous side deal” to the Inflation Reduction Act that undermines climate activism. Crystal CavalierKeck (D.C.) and Russell Chisholm (D.C.) were two of the environmental activists who organized the protest. “We do not want this dirty deal that Senator Joe Manchin is pushing forward,” says Cavalier-Keck. “This project must be stopped, and these extractive industries that create sacrifice zones must also be stopped,” says Chisholm.

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