Andrea Leadsom becomes the next to call for Boris to go

Former cabinet minister Dame Andrea Leadsom is now the latest Conservaitive MP who calls for the resignation prime minister.

She brings the number of Conservative MPs calling for the PM’s 31th birthday to 31, a number that is getting closer to the 54 required to call a vote in no confidence in Mr Johnson.

Other MPs are likely to be behind those who publicly call for the departure of the prime Minister.

At the time of Theresa May’s leadership challenge in 2018, just 27 MPs had gone public calling for her to resign, a number that is already below the figure now making the same call in relation to Boris Johnson.


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In a letter to her constituents released this morning, Dame Andrea wrote, “The conclusion I have drawn from the Sue Gray report is that there have been unacceptable failings of leadership that cannot be tolerated and are the responsibility of the prime minister.”

Dame Andrea is a brexiter, former Cabinet Minister, and he supported Boris Johnson’s 2019 presidential bid.

Leadsom has not always had a good relationship with the Conservative leader.  She came in second place in the 2017 Conservative leadership contest to Theresa May. It is believed that her own leadership bid was one of the reasons Mr Johnson pulled from the 2017 contest.

Leadson is the Conservative South Northamptonshire MP.  Leadson has been a member of a Bible study group in Parliament and has expressed pride in her Christian faith.

Although it seems more likely that there will be a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson’s prime minister, it is still possible that Mr Johnson could lose the contest.  This is despite the constant stream of new Conservatives calling for Mr Johnson’s resignation.

Based on their public comments, there is good reason to believe that 161 Conservative MPs still support Mr Johnson. This is only a small percentage of the 180 needed for him to win any leadership race.

Although some party leaders might have considered their position in the past if they narrowly exceeded the victory line, it seems that Johnson is more likely to stay in office, even if he wins a no confidence vote by a small minority.