An e-petition with over 600,000 signatures calls for a general election

A petition was created online and signed by many thousand of people calling for an earlier general election.

E-petition 619781 has over 630,000 signatures. The petition closes on January 28, 2023. It reads:

“Call an immediate general election so that the people can decide who should lead us through the unprecedented crises threatening the UK.
The chaos that has engulfed the UK government is unprecedented. Over 40 ministers quit, leaving the departments without leadership in times of energy, climate and cost-of-living crises. War rages in Ukraine; The Northern Ireland Protocol has further damaged Europe’s relationship; recession is on the horizon; the UK may not exist as Scotland seeks independence. This is the most difficult set of challenges that we have ever seen in our lives. Let the people decide who leads us through this turmoil.”

Because it had so many signatures, it was brought to parliament and debated in Westminster Hall. Catherine McKinnell, Labour MP, opened the discussion. She asked,

“Would you expect the same person who set fire to your house to put it out? Absolutely not”.