Allegedly Wants To Divorce Jada Pinkett But Can’t Risk $350 Million Fortune

Is it? Will SmithHis marriage has left him trapped Jada Pinkett Smith? One tabloid claims Will wants out but can’t risk losing his fortune in a divorce. Here’s the latest gossip on Will Smith’s marriage.

Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Keeps Will Under Her Thumb’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Will Smith wants out of his marriage to Jada Pinkett, but he can’t risk going through a divorce. “She just knows too much and she will spill if he ever breathes the word divorce,” an insider tells the tabloid. “He’s terrified she’ll bury him the moment he walks. It’s common knowledge she knows all the secrets about him and he’s an extremely shy, private man who would be loath for anything to come out about him having to do with scandals, partying, and feuds.”

Will regrets ever giving his spouse the ammunition. “They would have these long, drawn-out conversations that would last for hours, and he opened up to her like he’s never done with anyone before. And she’s stored everything away, every little dirty thing in his past,” the tipster explains. “Will was reckless and did some things that could prove highly embarrassing if they ever got out now.”

But that isn’t the only thing holding him back. Jada appears to be holding their bank accounts hostage. “Jada keeps a firm grip on all the accounts and he knows she’d take him to the cleaners if he tried to divorce her,” the snitch reveals. “Now he’s feeling trapped and too scared to divorce her.”

Will Smith ‘Too Scared To Divorce’ Jada Pinkett?

This story is at best doubtful. First of all, if this source is so close to the Smiths that he knows Jada has dirt on Will, why can’t they say what it is? The source drones on about Will’s reckless partying days but can’t say what it is he’s hiding. It’s most likely because they aren’t close to the family at all.

Besides, we wouldn’t call Will an overly-private person. The actor recently released a memoir where he didn’t hold back. He went into great detail about his experiences with drugs and even talked about his and Jada’s sex life. The Fresh Prince Star admitted he and Jada experimented with non-monogamy. He has been accused of over-sharing. People were petitioning Will to stop him talking about his marriage not long ago. It’s unclear what Jada could say about Will that he hasn’t already said.

The Tabloid on Will Smith

It’s hard to trust the Globe when it’s lied about Will Smith before. The tabloid claimed that Will was fighting Alex Rodriguez over the purchase of a sports team in 2020. Then the magazine alleged Will and Jada were “living separate lives” and were headed for a $270 million divorce. We doubt that this latest story will be any different, as neither of these stories were true.

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