After “Roe” Leak, Clarence Thomas Moaned That Supreme Court Is Being “Bullied”

Pro-abortion activists protested the Supreme Court decision to overturn the leaked Supreme Court decision. Roe v. Wade last week, Justice Clarence Thomas stated that Americans should learn to accept outcomes they don’t want.

Speaking at a judicial conference on Friday, Thomas said that the public is “becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes” and moaned that Americans aren’t “living with the outcomes we don’t like.” He did not speak directly about the leaked opinion, but did refer to recent “unfortunate events.”

He went on to assert that the judicial system “can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want,” implying that those disquieted attitudes toward institutions “bod[e] ill for a free society.” Young people are especially guilty of disrespecting government institutions like courts, he said.

Thomas’s comments sparked ireSupporters of abortion rights pointed out the obvious hypocrisy in telling people to accept decisions made by 9 unelected judges who have lifetime appointments and are not subject to any oversight. As political commentators pointed out, Republican attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election are a prime example of people not being able to live with an outcome they don’t like — but Thomas has yet to condemn the anti-democratic campaign and coup attempt, perhaps because of his wife Ginni Thomas’s involvementThese events.

Others pointed out that justice at the Supreme Court has been a staunch supporterto overturn previous court precedents has spent decadesTrying to force the Supreme Court into being more conservative in its work. The Supreme Court is supposed not to be impartial in political matters. However, recent years have shown otherwise. have revealedThe right-wing bench justices are driven primarily by political motives.

“The irony is so thick you wonder if it’s maybe a Clarence Thomas impersonator. Among other things, this is a guy who spent his lifetime trying to take a battering ram to all the Supreme Court major precedents,” said former U.S. attorney Harry Litman on MSNBC on Saturday.

In response to the comment that the Court is being “bullied,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) wrote, “Justice Clarence Thomas is wrong, again. Governments bully [people]Under threat of jail, they were forced to have pregnancies that were mandated by the government. During their confirmation process, multiple Supreme Court Justices lied about their views of [Roe v. Wade] and stare decisis,” a legal term referring to adhering to precedent. “Those are the facts,” Lieu concluded.

It’s unclear what exactly Thomas was referring to in regards to the Court being “bullied.” It’s concerning that he was potentially referring to pro-abortion protesters Who surrounded the Supreme Court last WednesdayDemand that justices are not overturned Roe. The First Amendment to the Constitution protects the right to free speech and protest, but Thomas apparently thinks that instutions shouldn’t be subjected to hearing the opinions of the public in this way. Public figures regularly face protestsOften at their homes; on weekends. pro-abortion demonstrators marched to Supreme Court Justice’s homes to voice their dissatisfaction with the Roe draft.

Although conservatives and moderates were critical of this form, it is actually abortion clinics that are being protested. who often face real threats from political opponents and are in far more danger than being “bullied,” as Lieu pointed out. Abortion clinics have increased security to counter an anticipated increase in anti-abortionist attacks; workers have been killed by such figures. bombed and set fire toClinics that offer abortions and other reproductive services.