Abrams Has Out-Fundraised Kemp by $2 Million Since December in GA Governor Race

New data has shown that Stacey Abrams is the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor. She currently raises more funds than the incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R), will be their next electoral candidate later this year.

The race is expected to be close by all accounts. In 2018, Abrams and Kemp faced off. the latter won by a margin of 54,723 votes — or a difference of 1.5 percent of the electorate. Abrams contended that there were many improprieties in the election that led to her loss; notably, Kemp, who was constitutionally charged with managing the election as Georgia’s secretary of state at the time, Refused to resign from supervising his own election.

Abrams has raised $9.2million in donations since she entered this race in December 2013. This puts her ahead of Kemp by around 27 percent. Kemp has received approximately $7.2 million in donations since December last year. reporting from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows.

Kemp is also facing a Republican primary opponent in former Sen. David PerdueNearly a year after losing the United States Senate seat to Sen. Jon Ossoff (D. Georgia), Perdue announced that he would run as governor in December. Perdue’s fundraising numbers have not been released yet.

The general election for governor, regardless of who wins the Republican primaries, will likely be close. It was four years ago.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll published last weekKemp is currently leading Abrams by two points (49 percent to 47%, respectively). That difference is within the poll’s margin of error, which means the two candidates are statistically tied.

The race gets even tighter if Abrams takes on Perdue, instead of Kemp. The poll shows that both candidates have 48 percent of votes.

According to the poll, Kemp appears to have a significant lead over Perdue. Perdue is supported by 36% of Republican-leaning voters, while Kemp gets support from 43% of Republican-leaning voters.

However, an internal poll commissioned by Perdue’s campaignThe poll shows that Kemp leads Perdue by 3 percent, even though all other primary candidates have been excluded. The poll also asked voters to choose the candidate they would vote for if they had the option. Trump endorsed Perdue; that endorsement increased Perdue’s lead over Kemp with Republican respondents by 22 percent.

If Perdue is able to defeat Kemp in the primary, then this endorsement could give Abrams an advantage going into the general election. Indeed, numbers from an Atlanta Journal-Constitution survey last month found that a Trump endorsement could have the opposite effect in Georgia’s upcoming general election, as 49 percent of voters overall said that they would be less likely to vote for a candidate backed by Trump, while only 20 percent of voters said that a Trump endorsement would increase their support of a candidate.