Abortion Is Now a Top Issue Driving Midterms, Due to Far Right Supreme Court

A new poll has shown that abortion is a top issue among majority voters in the midterm elections this fall. After the Supreme Court was overturned by far right extremists, abortion is now ranking higher than immigration. Roe v. Wade.

Pew Research Center finds in a survey conducted earlier this month that 56 percent of registered voters now say that abortion is a top issue for this year’s elections. This is 13 percentage points more than March, when Pew found 43 percent of voters stating that abortion was a major issue. This means that abortion is now a more important issue for voters than issues like foreign policy or immigration.

Pew found that almost all of the increase in respondents were Democrats. Although 46 percent of Democrats stated that abortion was a major issue in March, now 71 percent of Democratic-leaning voters and Democrats agree. In the meantime, Republicans and Republican-leaning votes showed little change.

Other issues experienced major shifts during the spring-summer. Voters are more concerned about gun policy, violent crime, and 60 percent say they consider these top priorities. Voters’ top issue remains unchanged since March, however; over 3 in 4 voters say that the economy is a top issue for them, nearly identical to the proportion of voters who said the same in March.

The poll also found that, while more Republicans say they’ve given “a lot” of thought to this fall’s elections, almost as many Democrats as Republicans now say that it “really matters” which party gains control of Congress this fall, in contrast to a significantly smaller share of Democrats who said the same back in spring this year.

This polling follows a turbulent summer. We saw a lot ofReporting has shown that the Supreme Court made far-right decisions, including the denial of federal abortion rights. Two months after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Constitution, reporting has shown that there was no evidence of any change in federal abortion rights. Roe, a thirdA majority of American women have lost access almost to all elective abortions. However, not only can women get pregnant, but so can abortion rights. have consequencesThey affect more than one person seeking an abortion.

In the past few months, several mass shootings brought the issue gun violence to the forefront of many Americans’ minds. Shootings Chicago, Buffalo Uvalde, TexasThe issue of, in which 19 elementary school students and two teachers were killed, was caused by Armed assault weapon ownershipto resurface in public consciousness.

The Pew results echo Other pollingThe following shows that Democrats have been seeing gains in polls and likely have better chances at holding on to Congress this fall than are usually expected for the party that’s in control of the White House. A poll was published. This was earlier in the monthIt was found that 50% of Americans want Democrats to control Congress this fall, as opposed to 43% who believe Republicans should win.

These data support the predictions made by political punditsPolitical experts who overturning RoeDems would have an edge this fall if they were able to do so. Other polls indicate that voters are not as enthused about the election. opposeThe Supreme Court ruling overwhelmingly believeAbortion should be legal in all or at least some situations.