90 Day Fiance’s Elizabeth Castravet Not on Good Terms Family

Family feud. Elizabeth Castravet revealed that she isn’t on good terms with some of her loved ones after filming season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

“It seems like … the more successful you become, you really see people’s true colors that are surrounding you,” Elizabeth, 32, exclusively told Us WeeklyThursday, September 1, 2008, in a joint interview. Andrei Castravet. “[My family and I] kind of go back and forth honestly, but it’s been not so great.”

Fans of the reality show have kept up with the ups and downs of Elizabeth and Andrei’s relationship since they first debuted on season five of the TLC show. From the beginning, Andrei clashed with his wife’s family, butting heads with her father, Chuck PotthastThis is a blog about finances. Things got worse when Potthast, a TV personality, asked for $100,000 to start his house-flipping company. He declined and instead hired Andrei as an employee in his family’s property management business.

After the lovebirds tied the knot and debuted on 90 Day’s spinoff series Happily Ever After, the Moldova native went on to be at odds with Elizabeth’s siblings. The tension culminated in a family brawl during the finale of season six and seemingly hasn’t been resolved.

“Let’s just say I’m getting older. I’m more mature,” the reality star explained to Us. “I have my own family and I see things through a different lens now than I used to when I was younger. And so I’m learning more about my family and who’s around me and I just see it differently.”

Andrei added that he could “take credit” for contributing to her change in perspective. “I opened her eyes more. “She knew there was something, but I did more so she could understand. [where] the negative comes from,” he shared.

The TLC personality also shared that there would be “a lot of reveals concerning family members” this upcoming season.

“It took some time to realize what kind of people we were dealing with,” he told Use. “It’s gonna be intense once again. It’s very hard for me because I see her … it hurts her.”

Elizabeth opened about the cultural differences between her and Andrei’s family, noting that Americans can be “very forgiving” whereas his family is more “cutthroat” in how they handle conflict.

“Yeah, but that means you don’t have to deal with constant problems, constant friction if it’s not needed,” the Eastern European native stated.

“Well, it’s hard when it’s family … but yes,” Elizabeth responded.

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Christina Garibaldi reports