4 Ways to Keep Your Teen on The Right Path


Anyone who’s ever raised a teenager can tell you that it’s one of the most challenging parts of parenthood. Helping your child navigate the complexities of adolescence can be hard for everyone involved. 

Yet as challenging as it can be keeping your team on the right path, you can also be incredibly rewarding. By giving them the right tools and fostering a strong connection with them, you can create a wonderful teenager that blossoms into an even more amazing adult. 

However, keeping your child safe from the temptations and irresponsibility often associated with being a teen isn’t always so straightforward. To help you, here are some of the best tips to keep your teen on the right path.

Explain Consequences

Expecting your teen to do the right thing simply because it’s the “right thing” isn’t exactly effective. Not everyone is built with a moral inner compass that urges them to do the right thing simply because it’s considered right. 

It helps to explain consequences to your teens and what will happen if they engage in certain behaviors. Encourage them to practice the piano when it’s time, do their homework when expected and help them understand that failing to do so will result in consequences not only with their parents when they’re kids, but also in their adult years. 

Discuss what will happen not only in your household if certain behaviors are carried out, but also what will happen in the real world. This will give them a realistic expectation of how things work.

Set Boundaries

In addition to explaining consequences, you also have to set boundaries and structure. Rules may seem annoying initially, however, what rules do is actually make a child feel safe.  When they know what to expect in their environment, you establish consistency and also encourage accountability. 

Give your teen a set of responsibilities, and let them know why these responsibilities are set in place. Be consistent in enforcing what happens when they don’t demonstrate responsibility, and adapt the roles as you go. Not everyone is built the same, so you may need to stay flexible when creating your plan.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Although criticism may come naturally when your teen is carrying out unacceptable behaviors, studies show that positive reinforcement can be even more effective. Instead of only pointing out the times when your team is doing something wrong, don’t forget to emphasize the times that you approve of their behavior. 

Congratulate them and use words of encouragement. This will motivate them to keep carrying out the same positive behaviors to seek out the same encouragement. 

Be a Role Model

You can tell your teen whatever you want— the truth is that they’re going to learn from what you do more than from what you say. Practice what you preach, and be a role model they look up to. When you demonstrate behaviors that you’d like them to repeat, you’re giving them a solid example of how to achieve your goals, and how to be a stand up citizen.

After all, would you listen to someone that sets certain rules in place, yet didn’t follow through with them themselves? Hypocrisy won’t get you anywhere when it comes to trying to lead a teen!