Zoo Gives April The Giraffe Fans Some Bad News

April 19, 2017Apr 19, 2017

Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park in Upstate New York are giving fans of April the giraffe and her new calf some bad news.

According to the Washington Post, the zookeepers have tired of the immense popularity their giraffe has gotten and will be ending the live camera feed later this week, especially after her recent leg injury.

In a statement they said, “Her leg twist was the equivalent of rolling your ankle slightly — ‘walk it off.' Creating news stories out of such a minor thing is a bit of a stretch … but she is a celebrity, so headlines sell.”

“We appreciate concern, but the bogging down of email servers and other platforms is the exact reason the giraffe cam will need be pulled,” they continued.

They added, “While we appreciate the concern, it is interfering with normal park operations and preparation for opening; at a period when our resource of time is limited and cannot be hindered. Please allow our team to do as they are trained to do — we have their care covered!”

One April fan upset by the park’s decision to end their live video feed explained, “Wow, couldn’t you just change your email address?”

The park replied, “We could change it 100 times; it doesn’t curb the issue.”

The frustrated tone coming from zookeepers who made April famous in the first place isn’t unprecedented. Earlier this month, April’s veterinarian Dr. Tim vented his frustration at fans wondering why the calf hadn’t been born yet.

“Yes, she will have this calf when she is good and ready. No, public outcry won't change that,” he wrote, among other things. “Enjoy the <free> show, people. Get more popcorn.”

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