Zach Shallcross Says Rachel Recchia, Aven Jones Still Have ‘Spark’

Drink the tea! Zach ShallcrossYou might not have fallen in love with them. Rachel RecchiaThe newest Bachelor did however give an update on her next romance. 

“Last I saw, her and Aven [Jones] had a little bit of a spark on-camera,” Shallcross, 26, told E! NewsIn an interview published Wednesday, October 5. “I love and respect Aven, so I want the best for them if that’s a thing. But I also just want the best for her.”

While the California native told the outlet that he hasn’t even “had his phone” since the finale aired late last month, he wants Recchia, 26, and the sales executive, 28, to be happy.

Shallcross was a contestant in season 19 ABC series. He dated Recchia up until the first part of the two-part finale. After claiming that the pilot had acted differently while the cameras were on, Shallcross quit the reality series. 

“It was just her and I talking, and it felt like she was just, like, not showing her true self. It was very inauthentic sometimes,” he alleged to Jesse PalmerDuring the episode about fantasy suites. Shallcross also noted at the time that he felt “blindsided” by Rachel’s actions — which included harping on their six-month age difference and not believing he was ready to propose.

However, the two of them did work out their differences during After the Final Rosewhich aired last year. “After part one of the live finale, Rachel and I talked. We had some closure,” Shallcross revealed. “Really, I haven’t talked with her much since then.”

Recchia shared her heartfelt feelings with the alumnus of California Polytechnic State University. Tino FrancoHe allegedly cheated on her with a girl and she called it quits. 

While the general contractor repeatedly brought up the “bad place” their romance was in when his indiscretion happened, The Illinois native was determined to claim that their relationship never ended. 

“There was never a point where we were broken up. There was never an occasion when we had to end our engagement. Did we have conversations saying: ‘We need to focus on dating, we need to really get to the core of this?’ Yes,” Recchia said during a September episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “I never said I was giving a ring back. I never said our engagement was called off.”

Recchia later revealed that despite their difficult relationship, she only wishes him all the best. 

“I wish we could have had more of that sort of a discussion, but I can’t really regret, looking back. It just played the way it did,” she shared on an episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “No, I have not [spoken to him]. Ultimately, I wish him well, but I think we’re both probably ready to move on after all of this and heal.”

When it comes to her romance with Jones, however, the Ohio University alum explained she was “seeing where things go” during a recent appearance on Live! Live!

Shallcross has, for his part started his journey towards love. The BachelorThe Austin resident met his first five potential matches, and even gave Brianna Thorbourne a first impression rose during the meeting. After the Final Rose.