Famous YouTube Star, Adam Saleh, Kicked Off Flight For "Speaking Different Language"

December 21, 2016Dec 21, 2016

A YouTube celebrity who was made famous through his daily vlogs and many prank videos, was allegedly kicked off a Delta flight for "speaking another language."

Adam Saleh says he was in the rear of the play with a friend when he decided to call his mother.  He says he takes nearly 20 flights a month and always call his mom before every flight.  During the call, Saleh spoke to his mom in Arabic since she does not speak English. After his call, he claims passengers started turning around, telling him to only speak English and that he was making them uncomfortable.  When enough passengers complained, the captain came back to handle the situation.  

The below video shows the chaos that followed.  The video has now been retweeted 289K times as of 9:00 AM Wednesday.  A #BoycottDelta hashtag has also been tweeted 99K times and counting as fans show support for Saleh.

As he was waiting for a new flight from Virgin Airlines, Saleh spoke with CBSN about the experience and what he plans to do next,

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