Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies Might Be Gone This Year

Girl Scout Cookie season is fast approaching. However, GS HQ has just announced that the Girl Scout Cookie Season may be over. 

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s cookie season.

Scouts Fight Through Pandemic

Girl Scout cookies are now included in the list of things that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Scouts reported significantly lower sales last year than normal. COVID continues its assault on GS through supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. 

The Washington Post reported that GS blamed its lack of inventory on “extremely high demand and COVID-related labor shortages.” 

Two commercial baking companies are used in Girl Scouts. Little Brownie Bakers are located in Louisville, Kentucky, while ABC Bakers is located out of Richmond, Virginia. 

“Little Brownie Bakers is working diligently to address the impact that the labor shortage has had,” the statement read. “GSUSA is working with both cookie companies to try to provide a solution before the end of the cookie season.” 

The problem goes beyond us not receiving our cookies. Cookie sales directly fund troops’ activities, programs, and more. When cookie sales falter, so does the Scouts’ funding. 

A year without Samoas is a sad one indeed–for multiple reasons–but luckily, not all cookies are at critical supply levels.

Some cookies are more secure than others

According to GSUSA COVID-related shortfalls only affect one of 11 Girl Scout cookie varieties. The East coast will also be affected more than other areas.

While the GS said it could fulfill all orders placed with individual scouts, they won’t have enough boxes to fulfill extra orders at local booths. You should ask your family members and coworkers if they are selling cookies. Get it now.) 

Supply and labor shortages won’t affect crowd favoritesLike Thin Mints or Samoas. Newer flavors like Toffee-tastic and S’mores are also safe. 

This year’s critical cookie is the Scouts’ newest flavor, Adventureful. This new addition to the cookie catalog is a cookie-brownie mix. It’s topped with caramel-flavored creme with a hint of sea salt (drool). 

It combines all the best aspects of old favorites. The Adventureful has the chocolate crisp of a Thin Mint, Samoa’s caramel-y sweetness, and the salt of a Do-Si-Do. 

This cookie is all of your favorite flavors rolled into one, and it’s going to be in short supply and in high demand. Don’t wait to grab a box (or three), or else you’ll be stuck waiting a long, Adventure-less year until 2023.

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