Young Thieves Pick Wrong Convenience Store to Rob; Watch What Happened

May 24, 2017May 24, 2017

Two young thieves picked the wrong convenience store to rob in upstate New York.

According to Inside Edition, Gurchran Singh and his wife Parvinder Chahal were minding the store when two knife-wielding masked men rushed in.

Singh explained, “They jumped in and said give me the money! My wife said, 'Take it, take the money!'"

But the couple wasn’t simply going to let the robbers get away unscathed. Singh grabbed a baseball bat and his wife grabbed a metal rod. They started swinging, sending the thieves running for their lives.

Chandal notified the police on her way out of the store.

The robbers made it into their vehicle and took off, but the store couple continued pursuit in their own car, following them until police arrived to arrest the 21-year-old and 20-year-old.

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