Young Member from 'Harry Potter' Tragically Dies

April 18, 2018Apr 18, 2018

A producer and director, who was once a crew member for the Harry Potter movies, has tragically passed away. Victor Adebodun sadly died at just 33 years of age.

“On Wednesday 11th April 2018 my world came crashing down as I received tragic news that my closest friend, my brother, Victor Adebodun had sadly passed away," said a close friend.

Victor had worked on numerous notable productions during his short career. He was involved with Harry Potter, Narnia, G.I. Joe, James Bond's Skyfall, as well as Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

Friends have now established a Go Fund Me account to help his family with Victor's final expenses.

“This morning I lay in bed and asked myself, what would Victor do if this happened to me?Victor would be calling my mum and sitting with her every day to make sure she was OK and to make sure she saw a male figure like me every day and most importantly, he would make sure finances and the arrangements for my funeral were covered,” said a friend. "I know that Vic would not only do this for me but for any one of his close friends because that is the guy he was, full of genuine love and positive energy.”

Please join us in praying for Victor's family during this tough time. We ask for God's healing grace to comfort them during this horrible time.

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