Young Girl Injured After Firework Explodes in Her Hand

July 01, 2019Jul 01, 2019

As the Fourth of July approaches, fireworks are often used to celebrate the anniversary of America's Independence Day. With the presence of the fireworks, also comes the potential risk of serious injury.

Police are warning citizens around the country to use extreme caution when using fireworks and to check with your state law as to what fireworks are legal or illegal.

Recently, a story has been making headlines that shows just how dangerous fireworks could be. Sadly, a nine-year-old Philadelphia girl has been critically injured after a firework exploded in her hands.

According to reports, the girl lit the firework after finding it at her house. Once she lit the firework, which is believed to have been an M80, it exploded in her hands.

"It was like a loud boom -- it was so loud, I heard it in the back room," neighbor Judith Sierra told ABC Philadelphia station WPVI. "There was smoke coming out of the house."

Police say she no adults were present at the time of the explosion.

Be sure to stay safe this Fourth of July, especially if fireworks are included in your celebration.

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