New Parents Become Victims of This Crime While Delivering Baby

July 20, 2017Jul 20, 2017

Over the weekend, an Oregon couple was overwhelmed with joy at the birth of their baby girl. Now, the same couple is distraught because of the crime that was committed while they were in the hospital.

Dalan Askew and his wife welcomed their newborn, Penelope Jade, over the weekend. Penelope’s birth was the completion of the Askew’s 5-member family, and the delivery was smooth.

Dalan said, “She’s seven pounds even. She came out perfect.”

When the family was getting ready to leave the Mount Hood Medical Center on Tuesday, a crime was committed that left the family speechless. Askew had loaded up his family’s 1990 Subaru Legacy in order to bring his new family of 5 home. 

After loading the car, the father went back into the hospital room to help his wife feed and bathe their newborn. When they returned to the car, it was gone.

Dalan said, “The person who took it must’ve had low self-esteem and not care about anything but getting what he wanted.”

The car was the family’s only mode of transportation. It was also loaded up with gifts and baby items, including a brand new car seat. 

The family posted a message for the thief, asking them to return the car and do the right thing. They also set up a Go Fund Me account in order to pay for a new vehicle and baby items.  

Legacy Health, the security firm for the medical center, released an official statement about the incident. They charged people to be vigilant of their items and take preventative measures in order to avoid theft. 

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